François Legault opens the floodgates to tax cuts

François Legault, on the other hand, opens the floodgates to tax cuts.

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Pierre Saint Arnaud
The Canadian Press

Driving through Montreal on Monday, where he was presenting his nominee on Anjou-Louis-Riel saddle, the prime minister seemed surprised by the speed with which Liberal leader Dominique Anglade delivered her pledge to cut Quebecers’ taxes .

When asked why he didn’t go that route, he immediately replied, “We never said we wouldn’t announce tax cuts.” He then recalled the back-to-back checks handed to Quebecers over the past few months and his promise to deliver another in December “to cover inflation.”

He then asked himself and answered, floating the tension: “Should we be making regular tax cuts now? I ask you for a little patience. I understand the Liberals’ unconventional way of announcing their election commitments four months before the election. We will do it in time. »

“The election campaign is in September. Campaign promises are usually made during the election campaign. »

A place to take

However, François Legault was clearly in electoral mode himself by introducing Karine Boivin-Roy, whom he placed his trust in to try and please former minister Lise Thériault’s riding.

Mme Boivin-Roy, who was defeated as mayor of Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve last November after serving two terms as councilor on Denis Coderre’s team, is an experienced politician who is well established in the community. His election shows that the CAQ wants to make every effort to win in East Montreal.

“We have two deputies, but it’s really not enough for the CAQ to have just two deputies on the island of Montreal,” Mr. Legault said.

In whichme Boivin-Roy and the Prime Minister paid tribute to Lise Thériault and gave the impression that it was the person she represented rather than the party that had enabled her to turn the equestrian center into a chateau. “I would also like to thank the outgoing representative, Lise Thériault, who has dedicated 20 years of public service to the county,” said the CAQ candidate during her speech.

“Lise was very present. She was a good MP. But I don’t think there is a liberal ride or a Quebec solidarity ride,” Mr Legault told English-language media. He had recently said that “Lise Thériault was a very active person in her community, so the fact that she doesn’t represent herself is still important information, but once again I don’t take anything for granted”.

The PCQ leaves François Legault at a loss

In addition, the CAQ leader also lingered on electoral matters with the Conservative Party of Quebec and was particularly amazed at the message it is conveying.

“Yes, there was some dissatisfaction when I followed the instructions. On the other hand, it is a bit difficult to understand that when instructions are gone or gone, there is still dissatisfaction with the instructions. Maybe I’ll find out eventually, but I don’t take it lightly. Whether it’s Éric Duhaime or any party, we take it seriously. »

As for Conservative leader Éric Duhaime’s claim that he wants to “bring discontent into Parliament”, Mr Legault seemed at a loss there too. “I don’t think Quebecers like to complain. It’s a fun suggestion. »

To close the Conservatives’ question, he was responding to MP Claire Samson, a former caquiste, who asserted that she works less as an MP than in restaurants: “I had said to Claire Samson: good luck with Éric Duhaime, but I had also said to Éric Duhaime: Good luck with Claire Samson! »

This statement amused the partisan audience present at the announcement, while the François Legault insisted at length on the projects in East Montreal, particularly the REM de l’Est and land decontamination.

He also addressed the issue of gun violence, saying he would do whatever it takes to address it.

“It doesn’t make sense and we don’t like seeing people using firearms.

“If necessary we will do more because I don’t tolerate us being nervous and not feeling 100 per cent safe. One of the advantages of Montreal has always been that it is one of the safest cities in the world. »

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