Former British soldier shot dead in Ukraine

A former British soldier, Jordan Gatley, was shot dead in Ukraine, his family said on social media, with British diplomacy only confirming the death of a British national.

Dean Gatley announced on Facebook the death of his son, who left the British Army in March “to pursue his military career in other areas”.

Jordan Gatley traveled to Ukraine “after careful consideration,” his father added, adding that the family learned the “horrific” news of his death on Friday.

“We support the family of a Briton who died in Ukraine,” the British Foreign Office said on Sunday, without confirming his identity or giving further details.

Mr Gatley said his son was shot dead in the city of Severodonetsk in eastern Ukraine, where the Russian offensive has been intensifying for several days.

“We have received several messages from his team telling us about his wealth of knowledge, his skills as a soldier and his love for his job,” he wrote in a note posted to Facebook.

“His team says they all loved him, as did we, and he made a huge difference in many people’s lives, not only as a soldier but also as a trainer in the Ukrainian Armed Forces,” his father continued.

“He loved his job and we are so proud of him. He was truly a hero and he will always be in our hearts,” he wrote.

In April, the ministry announced the death of a first British national in Ukraine without providing his identity. British media had said it was a British Army veteran, Scott Sibley, who his former comrades paid tribute to on a Facebook page.

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss initially appeared to support the British who wanted to go to the front. But it had been recast by the defense secretary and military officials, and Britons have since been strongly discouraged from traveling to Ukraine.

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