Emergency Measures Act | Minister Marco Mendicino compared to Pinocchio

(Ottawa) Public Safety Secretary Marco Mendicino is a “Pinocchio,” says the conservative opposition, who have accused him of “historical revisionism,” after police forces denied making any claims Emergency Response Act to put an end to the blockades at the beginning of the year.

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Michael Saba
The Canadian Press

“Pinocchio seems to be the new nickname for the Minister of Public Safety,” Charlesbourg-Haute-Saint-Charles MP Pierre Paul-Hus said during Monday’s Question Time in Ottawa, prompting immediate controversial outrage from MPs attending the Commons.

House Speaker Anthony Rota immediately called him to task for comparing the minister to the fictional character whose nose grows wide every time he lies or falsifies the truth.

“I would like to remind the honorable Member that you cannot do indirectly what you cannot do directly,” he said.

On three occasions the member quoted the Minister as saying that he had invoked the law on the recommendation of the police.

Ignoring the President’s warning, Paul-Hus claimed in later questions that the minister “deliberately misled Canadians” and asked him “when he will admit the truth”.

Photo Sean Kilpatrick, Archives The Canadian Press

MP for Charlesbourg-Haute-Saint-Charles Pierre Paul-Hus

In response, Minister Mendicino argued that the decision was based on the Emergency Response Act Was necessary”.

“And yes, we consulted with the police before the subpoena,” he added. Yes, we took advice from the police prior to the subpoena. »

Minister Mendicino was the target of numerous attacks during Monday’s talks, including a vicious altercation with another Conservative MP.

“Seems the Minister of Public Security has studied Vladimir Putin’s theory of historical revisionism,” James Bezan, the conservative ethics critic, sent him, accusing him of “inventing these facts to justify ‘his liberal takeover’.” .

The answer was not long in coming. Mr Mendicino denounced the comparison with the Russian President for dealing with such a file.

“It demeans this place,” he offered to applause. It belittles what is happening in Ukraine and it is absolutely wrong, Mr President. For that he should be reprimanded. He should remove this comment. »

In mid-May, Ottawa’s acting police chief said he had not asked the federal government to invoke the appeal Emergency Response Act to end the “freedom convoy” in February. Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Commissioner Brenda Lucki had made similar comments a week earlier.

Mme Lucki explained that the emergency powers made it easier for police to put down weeks of protest on the streets of Ottawa and that RCMP officers would have liked earlier access to these emergency powers.

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