Dangerous Medical Journeys: Not the Patience to Wait in Public

A 46-year-old woman who didn’t have the patience to wait years for bariatric surgery in Quebec paid $7,000 to have surgery in Mexico in two months.

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“It went really well,” says Marie-Eve Lejour, who has already lost 125 pounds ten months after the surgery.

The lady, who lives in Austin in the Eastern Townships, decided exactly a year ago to go to Tijuana, Mexico to solve her weight problem.

Two months after her decision, she went under the knife in August 2021.

The multi-year delay in bariatric surgery in Quebec convinced her to go abroad, despite two Quebec doctors telling her it was dangerous.

“I didn’t have the patience to wait five years,” admits Mme The day. Since I was healthy, I didn’t want to wait until I had problems.”

$7,000 instead of $25,000

She considered the surgery privately in Quebec, but the bill came to $25,000. In Mexico, she paid $7,000.

The businesswoman also claims to have done her homework before choosing the clinic she found on social networks.

“It’s a specialized place, they do multiple surgeries a day,” she says.

Luckily, she had no medical complications as she did not have medical tourism travel insurance and had no post-operative follow-up. Accompanied by her sister, she particularly appreciated the reception.

“If you’re a customer and you pay, you don’t feel guilty,” the woman said.

Apparently, the operation in Mexico has still caused some unrest.


“Of course, when you start thinking about everything that can happen, the idea machine can panic. [….] But they do all the tests to make sure everything is medically correct.”

Today, the woman says she is on her way to completing her weight loss and has no regrets about her surgery.

“I would recommend going abroad to get through it faster. But it depends on the person’s situation.

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