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Current events around the world confront us. The daily tragedies faced by Ukrainians under the yoke of atrocities emanating from a great industrialized country, Russia. The young delinquents who shoot at close range in areas of Montreal that have so far been spared violence. And what about the impact of the climate issues, the pandemic keeping us on high alert, the skyrocketing rise in inflation and its impact on our basic consumer goods (e.g. gasoline, groceries, etc.).

Have we reached the beginning of the end, faced with situations that will inevitably lead to our downfall? Of course not, because current events not only confront us, they question us and make us think.

The positive effects

Admittedly, in reality, such situations unsettle us and undermine our self-confidence. But these negative effects do not outweigh the potential benefits we can reap if we are awake enough to take advantage of all opportunities.

Let us never forget that every crisis (both personal and global) presents an opportunity for change. Profound changes in mentality involving a new consciousness. In fact, all current events point us to change because they cause us to expand our consciousness and take a stand.

We all collectively recognize that the barbarism of the Russian state is on the decline and has no place in the 2000s. We also recognize that poverty, under-education and racism can fuel all of this violent rage of young people on the streets.

Time for real change

We also realize that our raw materials are not inexhaustible and the laws of the market are far from meeting human needs. For this reason we must reduce our consumption and make environmentally responsible choices by focusing on the local economy. We also know how important it is to take care of the mental health of our young people if we are to curb their acts of violence.

In short, everything brings us back to question ourselves and embrace a healthier way of life, a life on a more human level that focuses on what really matters; Recognizing our true needs and respecting those around us.

We must continue to be loud and clear in our outrage at any contradictions we observe and keep emphasizing them as we seek to understand the real causes of these great upheavals. This makes our actions much more targeted and leads to real changes.

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Frankie Berneche, PhD Professor of Psychology Trois-Rivières

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