America dives back into Trump’s “lies” around the 2020 election

When did Donald Trump realize he had lost the election to Joe Biden? And why does he keep claiming the opposite? The House committee investigating the attack on the Capitol will seek answers to these crucial questions Monday morning.

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This group of elected officials, who put the former American president at the center of a “coup attempt,” will reveal at a hearing how Donald Trump proclaimed (his) victory on the night of the 3rd to the 4th, even if the data at the time did not confirm this,” said a parliamentary source.

“We’re going to hear witnesses (…) who are going to talk about how the former president didn’t have the results to win, that he was told over and over again that he didn’t have the results to win,” she said.

This group of elected members of the House of Representatives, seven Democrats and two Republicans, has been investigating Donald Trump’s responsibility for the attack on the Capitol by his supporters for nearly a year, who were trying to interrupt confirmation of the victory of Joe Biden, who was convicted of presidential fraud 2020

“Hundreds of millions of dollars”

Last Thursday, during its first hearing dedicated to presenting its conclusions, the commission plunged America into the violence of the January 6, 2021 attack on the American Congress, revealing unreleased videos of the attack.

Monday’s hearing will focus on “Donald Trump’s decision to defy the will of voters, declare himself the winner of a losing election, spread allegations of fraud and ignore court decisions when they are not in his favour,” a parliamentary statement said Source.

This group of elected officials also promises new revelations about how “the former President’s political apparatus used these lies about voter fraud to raise funds, amassing hundreds of millions of dollars between election day and Jan. 6, 2021.

Citing a “family emergency,” Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, who was due to appear on Monday, finally resigned at the last minute.

Key contributor Donald Trump has repeatedly denounced the order as a “witch hunt” that he says “shames America.”

His party has already promised to bury his work if he takes control of the chamber in November’s general election.

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