16 Gifts We Gave Our Dads They Really Loved

You may have forgotten your dad too, but Father’s Day takes place every year on the third Sunday in June.

That means it’s very soon.

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Luckily, The Bag of Chips is here for you. We asked our entire team and listed here only the gifts we have given our fathers AND which have had very good results.

Here are the 16 answers we collected:

1. An apron that says “Ok Boomer,” $24

“He took a picture with it and put it on Facebook. Many of his friends gave thumbs up.

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2. Books Once upon a time at the Expos Full version, $19.95

“He liked it!”

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3. The “I Have Opinions” mug by Oui Manon, $15

“It made him laugh and he said it was true that he had many opinions.”

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4. The DVD of field of dreams, $18

“I had written on the card: ‘I hope not to be in the field too much with this gift’ and he hadn’t understood.”

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5. A hot wheel car of the same model as his first car, between $1 and $2

“He was very moved. He thought I custom made it. It came from a high school diploma at Dollarama.

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6. A personalized mug with one of his favorite jokes on it, $16

“He didn’t understand where we found this.”

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7. Toothpaste chic, $11

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8. Indoor Crocs, $69

We’re not sure if it’s just for the inside, but it’s definitely soft on the inside.

“He shows them to everyone who walks by the house. I can not take it anymore.”

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9. Montreal Canadiens Colored Shoes, $103

“It’s not exactly the ones in the picture because it’s been a long time. He had been crying. Those were the good years of CH.

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10. A four-gallon box of washer fluid, $20 (or $5 a gallon)

“It was a gift exchange with a price limit. But he was just as happy.

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11. The helmet with a glowing screen so he writes what he wants, $279

“He was very happy and I made a TikTok.”

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12. A TV, $159

“I still lived with him. I ordered a TV from him and when he arrived he said “I didn’t order a TV”. Then he was happy.”

I am selling a TV here.

13. A selection of beers, prices vary

“He said, ‘This should be good for the whole evening’ and everyone laughed.”

Available in all Quebec grocery stores!

14. A laminate of an article about him in Le Sac de chips, from $16

“I admit that this gift is a bit niche, but he thought it was funny. Maybe you could get him to laminate something else.”

It was this article: A commuter tries to immortalize a historic moment on the bridge and immediately regrets his decision

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15. A BBQ Gift Box, $62

“He was happy because he eats every day.”

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16. Comics The Bad Dad’s Guide: The Complete, by Guy Deslisle, $36.95

Buy the comic here.

“He loves comics and he’s a dad so it was perfect.”

So! Good luck to all.

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