why do people shrink?

Humans are at risk of increasing in size due to global warming… And getting smaller, according to a Scottish paleontologist who has just published a book on the rise and dominance of mammals.

But children are often taller than their parents. The growth curves have been unstoppable since the 1950s, and medical records even had to be updated a few years ago. Today a 10-year-old girl is 1.39 m tall, 5 cm longer than the curves of the 1950s, mainly because it’s the food. The last generations ate a lot more proteins, lipids, dairy products than their parents or their grandparents. but the phenomenon of children being taller than their parents is stagnating. The man who eats a very rich diet reaches his limit, he will not go higher even if he eats more.

University of Edinburgh paleontologist Steve Brusatte believes the climate crisis will shrink our size. There are already studies showing that in history, Small mammals adapt better to heat. This is called Bergmann’s rule, named after a 19th-century German biologist.

The size of the attachments increases

According to this rule, the animals of the northern hemisphere are larger than those of the southern hemisphere. Thus, a polar bear is larger than a Malaysian bear. A Norwegian robin, larger than its Egyptian cousin. It is related to Phenomenon of thermoregulation. The taller you are, the more body heat you retain. Shrinkage allows heat to dissipate more efficiently.

The effects of the current climate are already visible in birds: juveniles are smaller in very hot years around the Mediterranean. The Scottish paleontologist believes humans could also adopt this strategy to adapt to global warming.

On the other hand, the heat Increase attachment size. An observation made in some birds: their beaks and wings are getting longer. In bats or elephants, their ears grow while their body shrinks. They increase the surface area of ​​their appendages to dissipate their internal heat. Also, the fennec fox, the desert fox, has huge ears, unlike the arctic fox, which is very small compared to its body size. This doesn’t mean people will see their appendages grow too. You will only shrink.

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