Priced right, Maxim Lapierre would bring PK Subban back to Montreal

The eight-year, $72 million deal that Marc Bergevin awarded PK Subban in the summer of 2014 is finally coming to an end. The defenseman had some very good years early in the contract, being a two-time Norris Trophy finalist (2015 and 2018) and helping the Predators reach the 2017 Stanley Cup Finals.

But we have to admit that he’s just not the same hockey player today.

His final year in Nashville was difficult and since his arrival with the Devils the quality of his game has deteriorated drastically. He has just 59 points in 189 games with New Jersey and has a -45 differential in three seasons.

Obviously playing with such a bad team doesn’t help his cause, but Subban hasn’t done much to help the Devils.

At the very least, he continues to stand out for his excellent work in the community.

Subban will therefore be a free agent without compensation and it seems that his adventure in New Jersey is over.

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This week at TVA Sports, Dave Morissette asked his panelists if they would bring the defender back to Montreal. They all offered very interesting answers.

Maxim Lapierre: If it’s not expensive, why not? For a gift to the fans, maybe because we would need it next year unless we make any major purchases. If he asks for a large salary, the answer is no. The plan is a remodel.

Alexandre Picard: You have to surround young people well. We’ve seen Wideman re-sign for at least two years, he’s a right-hander so he’s taking a spot. At the same time, you want your youngsters to play too. I’m not sure if it fits into the organization’s plans.

There is no denying that the return of Subban would be greatly appreciated by the fans and community. He defined a generation of Habs fans and remains the favorite player to wear the Canadiens uniform to this day. His replacement chilled many who to this day dislike Marc Bergevin.

Restoring the organization’s image in the eyes of many would certainly be a success. On the ice, however, it’s different. Subban isn’t the player he used to be and with David Savard, Chris Wideman and Jeff Petry there’s a lot of congestion on the right side of the blue line.

Even if Petry is traded, he would most likely be replaced with another right-hander (letang?). So in Montreal there wouldn’t be much room for the number 76.

Jacques Martin, who coached PK on his Montreal debut in 2012, offered an answer that certainly puts things into perspective:

He’s a good hockey player but I think maybe his priorities have changed. Developing and getting better may have come second to his activities. He can still play in the NHL, but is he the player who will help young people? I think he’s done a good job with the young people of New Jersey, but it remains to be seen if that’s the direction the Canadian organization wants to go.

This is certainly not the first time comments similar to Subban’s have been made. He’s one of the few players (maybe the only one) in the NHL who flaunts his image so much. He can be seen on TV, but also at all sorts of events or galas. Similar behaviors are common and even encouraged in leagues like the NFL, NBA or European football.

But in hockey it’s different and it seems like it always worked against Subban. Has that affected his education and career? Possibly.

Personally, if I had to choose between Wideman and Subban, I would have picked the former Norris Trophy winner. His bond with Montreal and the fans is undeniable, and he played the role of big brother well in New Jersey.

Given his performance over the past few years and the amount of money he’s made in his career, I’d be surprised if Subban was too greedy in his negotiations this summer.

Aside from PK’s return to Montreal opening a Pandora’s box and sparking another heated debate…


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