Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria is a promising survival game set in the depths of Khazad-Dûm

far in connections Foggywho have favourited gnomes trying to survive against many threats! Developed by Free Orderly games, Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria is a Survive sandbox which takes place in Tolkien’s famous world, and more specifically during the 4 Age.

In this particularly interesting environment, players will answer the call of gimli lock carrier back to the Mines of Moria, and reclaim their ancestral home. So it will be necessary to gather resources to build one base undergroundmanage it temperature and be hunger as well as manage the Darkness from Moria thanks to a ” Dynamic light system » ; oh yes, of course goblins and troll will also make small unexpected visits!

It’s very interesting to see how survival can develop in the very wide world that Tolkien created, and even more so in the medium delicious grim What is the lost kingdom of Khazad-Dûm?

But without further ado, here’s the trailer for Lord of the Rings: Return to Moriawhich gives us a nice overview of what the game has to offer:

Edited by north Beach gamesthis quite attractive project is planned 2023. You can add it to your Epic Store wishlist now, and in the meantime, here’s the official list of top features:

– Feel the spirit of community: Experience the Fellowship of Dwarves like never before, thanks to rich folklore drawn from and interwoven with the iconic fantasy world created by JRR Tolkien The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria.

– Survive the Darkness: To survive the dangerous mines of Moria, players must: conserve resources, hunt and scavenge, control their sleep, body temperature and noise levels, and use dynamic lighting systems for safety and to illuminate dark paths. Face vile plagues and survive hordes of vile orcs in raging battles as you discover the mysteries of darkness that spread across the mountain.

– Build foundations: Find solace in the dark. Discover and clean up new locations to create large-scale structures. Let your creativity run free and build foundations from A to Z or use existing constructions. Beware of the plagues trying to destroy the dwarven progress.

– Rebuild Moria: Restore Khazad-dûm to its former glory by recovering symbolic monuments throughout history. Bring old mines and their forges back to life to exploit their intact resources.

– Discover: Dive into the depths of the Moria mines, whose environments are full of resources, secrets and dangers that offer a unique experience at every moment.

– Multiplayer Cooperation: Adventure solo or cooperate online with up to eight players.

– Forge tools, weapons and more: Craft and collect legendary dwarf-crafted armor, tools, weapons, and structures. Restore ancient forges to strengthen, repair, and enchant equipment. Unlock and upgrade new technologies and amazing machines.

– Magic Artifacts: Discover items of ancient magic such as swords that light up in the presence of orcs, maps of mithril, books of forgotten crafting plans, and amulets that bestow power or wisdom.

– Minerals and Gems: Create mines and dig up valuable resources: iron, gold, quartz and mythical materials like mithril. Go to crafting benches and forges to process ore into ingots and upgrade equipment. Beware, mining creates a noise that can awaken what lurks in the shadows.

– A complete dwarven creator: The moment the player creates their dwarf character in the character editor, they enter the legend of the dwarves. Customize it in various ways to give it a unique identity. Then, throughout your games, you can find and craft armor and weapons to enrich that style.

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