“If you can laugh at your enemy, you are less afraid of him” | war in Ukraine

Forty artists responded to the call. The works come mainly from Ukraine, but also from other European countries, from Israel and even from Russia.

We wanted change the mood in the country, explains Tatiana Chichkaliuk, one of the heads of the National Tourist Board.

These views of war are often dark, bloody. Hope and humor still occupy a small space.

In recent weeks, the works have been exhibited in the main cities of Ukraine. If you can laugh at your enemy, you will fear them lesssays Tatiana Chichkaliuk.

This summer the cartoons will be exhibited in Europe, specifically in Poland, Denmark and France. The idea is to fight against the apathy that is gradually setting in.

We fear that the West will tire of this crisis. We hope this exhibition will draw attention back to the country, but in a different way.

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