Hubert pays for the Francos

Nine months after the release of his excellent second album PICTURA DE IPSE: Direct music, Hubert Lenoir finally arrives to officially introduce it to the Montreal public. For his big open-air concert at Francos, the songwriter created “a mixture of a film by donkey and a rock concert.

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Hubert Lenoir was long overdue. Finally, after presenting his new compositions to American and European audiences, the musician embarks on a tour of festivals throughout Quebec.

In the coming weeks he will be performing at the Festival d’été de Québec, the Noce de Saguenay and the Festival de la poutine in Drummondville. He will be on the Francos’ main stage in Montreal on Tuesday.

Even if it may be the biggest audience of his career, Hubert Lenoir does not let himself be carried away by this great concert. “It’s important to see it as a show like any other,” he said in an interview with protocol. It’s a matter of consistency. Even if I’m in a small space, I always try to be 100% the same. »

Despite everything, he ends up admitting that he’s “excited and perplexed” for this June 14 performance. Aside from the surprise show at Les Foufounes Electriques on May 27th, he will be playing the titles of for the first time IMAGE BY IPSE to Montreal.

“And at the moment there are no other dates on the calendar. [pour Montréal], he said. So this might be the last time we play it. It’s now or never! »

direct music

Hubert Lenoir has dealt with direct music on his new album. So the CD should be a collage of songs, various samples and amateur recordings. How did he want to implement that on stage?

“For me, direct music was a way of breaking down the fourth wall in the studio,” he says. It was a form of mise en abyme. In concert it is not coherent to reproduce the same thing because we are in a real state. »

His lifelong accomplice Noémie D. Leclerc will add a touch of “live” to the performance. “She will turn on stage,” said Hubert. It will be broadcast live on the screens. »

The musician received the enthusiastic reviews of his album last September “as a form of victory [lui]-same “. “It was a message for the next projects that I will do. I will always try to make music myself, which unsettles me,” says the one who wants to start creating new songs again in early 2023.

Alongside the Francos, Hubert Lenoir will also be attending the Montreal International Jazz Festival on July 3rd, where he will perform a jazz concert. “I took that literally! I thought it would be cool to do a show where I focus more on singing […] It’s a bit of a in progress Shows I’ll be doing when I’m 70. It’s like planning hobby for my retirement [rires] ! »

Hubert Lenoir performs for free on Tuesday at 9 p.m. before Francos on the Bell stage. He will also play at the FIJM on July 3rd at 10:30 p.m. at the Gesù.

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