English-speaking Cégeps: A Liberal government would keep the three compulsory French courses

A Liberal government led by Dominique Anglade would retain the three French or French courses imposed on students attending an English-language CEGEP.

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When they come to power on October 3, the Liberal Party wants to give students back the right to attend the college of their choice.

Dominique Anglade wants to revisit the Legault government’s Bill 96 reforming the French Language Charter, in particular by ending the freeze of places in English-speaking institutions.

It wants to remove the requirement for immigrants to communicate with the state in French six months after arriving on Quebec soil and revoke the use of the exemption clause.

While a major nuisance to the English-speaking community, the three French courses imposed on students in English-language primary and secondary schools are to remain under an English government. The same applies to the three courses in their program that other young CEGEP students attending an English-speaking institution must take in Molière’s language.

“You would stay. If that happens, we will work with the whole community to make sure everyone feels they have their place,” the Liberal leader assured on Saturday. On Saturday, she presented her voting platform to the members of the PLQ at the General Assembly, which will be held in Montreal.

Remember that it was Liberal MP Hélène David who called for this measure, which sparked an outcry from the English-speaking population, the Liberal Party’s electoral base.

Deputy Carlos Leitao admitted that this episode wasn’t PLQ’s best moment in recent months.

“We need to improve access to French courses for the English-speaking community, and that means courses at CEGEP, but also elsewhere. Anglophones studying or working must have access to good franking schemes,” he added on the sidelines of the event, which brought together some 400 liberal activists.

Note that the official opposition voted against Bill 96. Dominique Anglade and several Liberal MPs even attended the protest demonstration against Bill 101’s CAQ reform.

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