Endless Dungeon announces its first OpenDev

“Tonight at the PC Gaming Show we were excited to announce that players can finally try a game of ENDLESS™ Dungeon.

Our next rogue-lite and tower defense tactical action game opens today for registration for the OpenDev “First Run” starting June 30th. If you want to be among the first to have this experience, register here: https://opendev.endlessdungeon.game.

In ENDLESS™ Dungeon, players are stranded on a mysterious abandoned space station. They must recruit a team of heroes and fight their way to the heart while protecting their crystal from relentless waves of monsters. ENDLESS Dungeon is the spiritual successor to the hit game Dungeon of the ENDLESS™, but this time we’ve introduced a new 3D art style and direct hero controls. Watch the OpenDev “First Run” trailer via this link.

What is an OpenDev?

Through the feedback of our players we develop the best possible games. 11 years ago we developed the GAMES2GETHER platform to create a direct connection between our development team and our players.

Recently, as part of this philosophy, we introduced OpenDev, a set of game scenarios that allows us to gather community feedback to help shape the game.

Players selected to participate in the ENDLESS Dungeon OpenDev “First Run” will have access to the game on June 30th to test the main loop of the game and give us feedback.

What can I expect from OpenDev?

Access to the “First Run” is free, but the number of players is limited! In terms of content, players can expect:

Explore the station solo and control up to 3 unique heroes (final game will be multiplayer for up to 3 players).

Face 10 monsters in 2 deadly areas of the dungeon.

Equip yourself with 13 weapons, 4 gadgets and other upgrades.

Build 10 different towers for more firepower and support.

These are just a few things that will be included in the full game and we can’t wait to show you more when the time comes!

ENDLESS Dungeon will be available soon for PC and consoles. To learn more about the game, visit https://endlessdungeon.game.”

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