According to Corey Pronman, Juraj Slafkovsky is ahead of Shane Wright by 24

Until Kent Hughes and the rest of his team utter the name of the player the Montreal Canadiens will pick at number one on July 7, the debate over who will be picked by the CH will rage on.

If we were to go back to last year when the Canadian was still playing in the famous North Division, at that point no one would have seen a player other than Shane Wright potentially picking the first place in the 2022 draft.

Wright was seen and described as an exceptional player who really stands out from the other prospects in this draft. Some even went so far as to say that Wright had the potential to become one of the National Hockey League’s best players.

However, a year later, after Wright had a good but overall disappointing season, the consensus is far from there.

New names have joined the game, but Juraj Slafkovsky’s is the one that reappears the most.

Analysts and pundits can’t agree on who, between Wright and Slafkovsky (not forgetting Logan Cooley), will be the best player this year.

The debate is therefore very present on social networks these days and the majority of Habs supporters only talk about it.

Who is Drafted by the Montreal Canadiens and Is It the Right Pick?

Well, according to The Athletic Draft expert Corey Pronman, by the time he’s 24, Juraj Slafkovsky will have better offensive production than Shane Wright.

According to Pronman’s predictions, Slafkovsky will become a dominant winger in the NHL, scoring around 35 goals, and sees Wright as a center with around 65 points.

Here are those exact words.

“That’s the crux of the debate between Wright and Slafkovsky,” Pronman explains. I see Slafkovsky as a potential 35-40 scorer with 70-80 point production on the wing. I see Wright providing a 60-70 point production in the center. Which player has the highest value? – Corey Pronman

Judging by Pronman’s words, one would think that Slafkovsky is the obvious choice.

However, Pronman’s analysis makes no mention of the defensive aspect of the two players or anything other than just production.

This is to be expected as it is virtually impossible to predict the total contribution of two players in about six years time.

In short, I think Kent Hughes and his team will remain a pretty tough pick going into the draft, although I think Wright would be the “safer” and more logical choice.

Note that Pronman also placed Wright in 4th place if he had been in the same draft as Jack Hughes, Alexis Lafrenière, and Owen Power.

His ranking: Jack Hughes, Alexis Lafrenière, Owen Power and Shane Wright.


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