Gas Prices: Camping Reservations Threatened?

Gasoline prices peaked at $2.26 on Tuesday in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region, more specifically in the Rimouski sector.

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On the same day in 2021, a liter of gasoline sold for $1.24 in the region, while in 2020 it sold for just $0.88.

However, this increase does not appear to disrupt the plans of trailer and recreational vehicle owners, many of whom visited Rimouski early in the season.

An Alberta couple who met in the area had already traveled 3,500 miles and spent more than $2,800 in gas since the start of their trip. He doesn’t think he will stop. However, the lovebirds have come up with some tricks to save. For example, they reduce their speed to use less fuel.

Another couple of tourists, this time Belgians, have planned to visit Bas-Saint-Laurent, Gaspésie and Côte-Nord in an adapted minivan. Although he has noticed an explosion in petrol prices since the start of the trip, refueling is still cheaper than in Europe.

“It’s much more expensive in Europe at the moment,” said the Belgian.

Camping Québec President and CEO Simon Tessier confirmed that “the impact [du prix de l’essence] It doesn’t seem to be felt when booking campsites. According to Mr. Tessier, this is because most reservations are made in advance.

But the impact has been felt on less popular weekends throughout the season.

“On these weekends, campers often make last-minute decisions. We decide to camp at the X,Y place. Now, with the price of petrol, I have the impression that some campers will keep their existing reservations and not do any extras,” he told TVA Nouvelles.

Campsites are also expecting an increasing demand for seasonal pitches. This increase has already been observed in the past with rising petrol prices.

“Which is certain, because it happens every time the price of gasoline has increased, we expect massive requests for seasonal campsites next year,” added the general manager.

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