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Ready-made cocktails flooded the shelves at SAQ last summer. And the interest is far from over. So much so that the state-owned company has added 67 new products to its range in one year, an increase of almost 40%. Here are five new features that caught our attention.

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Karyne Duplessis Piche

Karyne Duplessis Piche
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At the height of the classic


Ungava Gin & Tonics

A decade after arriving on SAQ shelves, Ungava is marketing its popular gin in a can. Prepackaged with tonic, the drink meets expectations. The smell of Labrador tea perfectly harmonizes with quinine scents. The greatest achievement, however, is the balanced taste: just sweet enough, but not too much. With 28 g of sugar per liter, it is one of the best ready-to-drink products sold in the SAQ.

Ungava Gin & Tonic, $15 for 4 x 355ml (14699473)

Taste of the Caribbean


Cherry River Mojito

Rum, lime and mint, Quebec’s Cherry River brand doesn’t reinvent the mojito recipe. And that’s very good! The smell of Caribbean rum beckons as soon as you open the can. Lime and a hint of mint all come together to make every sip delicious. In order to bring out the slightly higher sugar content of 62 g sugar per liter, it is best to serve the can very cold.

Cherry River Mojito, $15 for 4 x 355ml (14960213)

For the heat wave


High Noon Hard Seltzer Grapefruit

Alcoholic fizzy drinks, also known as “hard seltzer”, are based on a simple concept: they contain less alcohol, less sugar and fewer calories. But these drinks often have less taste. Not so with the new High Noon, produced in the USA by the giant Gallo. Lovers of sparkling water with pink grapefruit will be won over by this refreshing drink. With less than 7 g of sugar per liter or less than a teaspoon for the whole can and almost 4% alcohol, only summer is missing to enjoy.

High Noon Hard Seltzer Grapefruit, $12 for 4 x 355ml (14962032)



Dillon’s Tangerine Lemon Gin Cocktail

Located on Ontario’s Niagara Peninsula, Dillon’s Distillery was one of the first in the country to create spirits using local ingredients. His drinks never lack originality and are always of high quality. His first ready-to-drink beverage to be marketed in Quebec is still up to the challenge. The gin and citrus blend is flavored with mint. The grass brings an almost peppery note to the mid-palate. The finish is long and thirst-quenching as the drink contains less than 50g of sugar per liter. We also like the below-average price.

Dillon’s Tangerine & Lemon Gin Cocktail, $16.20 for 6 x 355ml (14960117)

Natural and delicious


Walter Craft Caesar Classic

This mix of vodka and tomato juice drink is made by Canadian brand Walter. He seduces with his taste as well as with the approach of the company. The cocktail contains clam juice, the catch of which is certified by the organization Ocean Wise. Most of the ingredients used, such as vinegar or tamari, are organic. Importantly, the drink does not contain corn syrup or artificial colors. The mix is ​​slightly spicy and the addition of soy in the recipe brings depth and an umami flavor. Simply add a spice rim and a stick of celery to the glass to make the cocktail even more successful.

Walter Craft Caesar Classic, $3.75 for 458 ml (14963220)

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