Make way for the readers | Will you buy a $500 plane ticket?

Jean-Philippe Décarie’s column on the size of $500 regional airline tickets drew a lot of attention. Some of you have written that you don’t want to fly, especially because of the travel logistics at the destination. Here is an overview of the replies received.

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Still too expensive and complicated

It will no longer encourage me to travel. Yes, it’s still interesting if you want to take a trip to the Magdalen Islands, but no more. Also, one must depart or arrive from Montreal or Quebec. So for two people from Val-d’Or who want to visit family in Montreal, it’s $1,000 for $200 of gas. Not to mention renting a car, which has been made almost impossible since the pandemic.

Marc Ladurantaye, Val d’Or

The answer is obvious, no! We paid our tickets to Portugal $315 per person. Everything is cheaper locally (except for the price of petrol). It’s too expensive to travel to Quebec, although we want to encourage local people.

Jean Philippe Joncas

It’s good for people who travel alone. For a family of four, that’s $2,000 for transportation. Then you need to rent a car, hotel room, restaurant, activities… It’s cheaper to go there by car with a tent trailer.

Julia Seguin

nope ! If you think you can get a $600-$700 ticket to Paris or London, I don’t see where the bargain is. Europeans have tickets for domestic flights for 80 euros, I don’t think they will be impressed by that price!

Karen Guernon

Will there be a fair offer for families?

I was born in Sept-Îles and have lived and worked in Montreal for 35 years. My whole family lives in Sept-Îles. I paid astronomical sums to see my sick mother and to be with my family at important moments. How many times have I wanted to book a ticket at the last minute? The flight schedule was often absurd, for example a six-hour layover at Quebec airport. In this case we will take the car instead of waiting or a double price ticket! I no longer believe in a fair deal for families. Why are we again subsidizing Air Canada who laughs at us in the regions? Who stops serving when it suits them, who crushes the competition in the region when a small business offer becomes interesting and viable? I rather believe that we are in an election campaign.

Nathalie Roy, Montreal

Montreal favored

Coming from a so-called remote region, namely Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, I would have liked to have benefited from appropriate discounts to go to Montreal where I have family. Really disappointed. What the regions were asking for was reduced fares for their residents, not the other way around. This government elected by the regions only cares about Montreal, which has only one elected woman in that city.

Ricardo Tremblay, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean

Is that a fair measure?

The only justice I see in this measure is that my son can come with his family to see his aging parents who are from the islands. As our son did not live here, he was not able to take advantage of the 60% discount. On the other hand, wealthy people who have a second home on the islands are entitled to claim. Another injustice for residents of remote areas.

Francine Arsenal

$500 for who?

I live in Gaspésie and the airport closest to where I live is in Mont-Joli. I have to drive to Quebec by car and travel 420 km to catch the plane, that’s nonsense! I would like to go to the Îles-de-la-Madeleine, but I see no benefit in the government’s proposal!

Bridget Ottis

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