[Biométhanisation] Denmark’s Nature Energy plans to inject a billion in Quebec

To establish a base in Quebec, Danish biomethanation giant Nature Energy plans to build and operate ten biogas plants at a total investment of nearly $1 billion. In addition to its Farnham and Louiseville projects, the Company has made numerous moves to locate in Beauce, Estrie and near Quebec City in recent months The duty.

The Danish company has recently taken steps with the city of Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce to acquire a piece of land in an industrial area of ​​the municipality to build a biogas plant there.

This would make it possible to produce biomethane on a very large scale from organic substances, including pig and cattle manure and forest residues. The production could supply the Quebec gas grid and provide Thousands of tons of digestate that can replace chemical fertilizers used in agriculture.

Nature Energy’s management declined an interview on the subject. However, the company emailed that it plans to “build and operate ten biogas plants” in Quebec, and the investment for each of them would be around $100 million. Almost a billion dollars could therefore flow into these facilities in the next few years.

“Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce is an interesting area,” the company confirmed Have to. We are actively looking for a location that will meet our needs and blend in perfectly with the immediate area, but we are not ready to make an announcement just yet. »

Nature Energy advises that the size and production of the facility would be similar to other projects. As a note, Farnham’s only confirmed project – valued at $100 million – in Estrie, should allow the company to convert 600,000 tonnes of organic waste annually to produce 20 million cubic meters of biomethane, the equivalent of what is needed for heating almost 15,000 households are needed.

In Beauce, farmers would be partners in the initiative, as in other Nature Energy projects. “Typically, farmers in our other factories own about 10-20% [de la participation] “As explained in an email in March, Hans Henrik Dahl Andersen, head of business development in North America at Nature Energy.

According to our information, the company is seriously considering locating in the Quebec region. The commune of Pont-Rouge would have been considered before being excluded. Steps have been taken with the municipality of Waterloo in Estrie.

Favorable political context

Nature Energy is very active and has incorporated at least three companies in Quebec in the last six months, according to the company register. They would be intended for as many projects as possible.

Founded in 2015, the company quickly made its mark in Europe. She relied on the fact that Denmark has one of the highest livestock densities in the world. There are more than 13 million pigs for 5.8 million inhabitants; About 7 million pigs are raised in Quebec for a population of nearly 8.5 million.

The company’s moves come as Quebec becomes more interested in the bioenergy sector. In its hydrogen and bioenergy strategy published last week, the government is focusing its investments on bioenergy: around 950 million US dollars are to be invested in it by 2026.

Is the company hoping for financial support from Quebec? “Our technology is innovative and proven, and we are seeing rapid results in reducing greenhouse gases. We believe that our projects meet all criteria of the Quebec strategy,” Nature Energy replies.

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