parking meters | The opposition wants to “credit” unused paid time.

Do you pay more than the actual time used when using public parking in Montreal? The official opposition in the town hall believes this and proposes to offer loans to drivers who do not reach the limit of their parking meters.

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Henri Ouellette-Vezina

Henri Ouellette-Vezina
The press

“The current payment method does not allow accumulation of time or signaling the departure of a parking lot. If we pay for two hours and leave after an hour, we never see our money again,” Ensemble Montreal director Aref Salem said at a news conference Thursday morning.

Keep in mind that the idea of ​​such a “pointing system” is not new. It was in fact proposed by Denis Coderre last October when he presented his mobility commitments during the last municipal campaign.

Still, a motion is being tabled to force elected officials to vote at the next city council on June 13. Specifically, the opposition is proposing to add an option within the P$ Service Mobile application that would allow Montrealers to indicate exactly when they leave their parking lot. The overpaid amount would then be “credited to the same application” and could be reused later.

photo martin tremblay, the press

Effie Giannou. Councilor in Bordeaux-Cartierville and Aref Salem, leader of the official opposition.

Several Canadian cities such as Calgary, Victoria or Edmonton already offer a “start button” on their parking applications to stop charging.

“I don’t think there will be a lack of revenue from the first year. It can come to a standstill. If you have a loan, you can always use it if you need it. Those are things to study,” said Mr Salem, whose party is unable to put a figure on the cost of such a measure. “There is a fundamental fairness issue that needs to be corrected. Technology absolutely allows us to change the application. It has to be done,” he stressed.

In a press release, the opposition also demands that the Sustainable Mobility Agency “explore solutions” so that the same user-payment principle also applies to users of the physical payment terminal. To date, nearly eight out of ten Montrealers use the mobile app instead of the terminal. For those under 35, this proportion even rises to around 95%. “There is no easy solution, but we are optimistic that the agency will find an interesting formula on this issue,” said Bordeaux-Cartierville councilor Effie Giannou.

Valérie Plante’s office says it is “working tirelessly to improve mobility in Montreal for all users,” which includes the issue of parking. “The significant investments we have made in the technological update and innovation of the Agence de mobility Durable will open many doors at fair prices and make parking easier and more transparent for motorists,” says spokeswoman Marikym Gaudreault.

“One thing is certain: we are open to exploring the various possibilities. We will discuss the proposal at the next city council,” she concludes.

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