Pokéclicker: Know everything about the Parc Safari

news tip Pokéclicker: Know everything about the Parc Safari

The Safari Park is one of the emblematic places of the Pokémon license and, as you can imagine, obviously a part of Pokéclicker. However, there can be more than one loss in its operation and we will explain it to you in detail in this article.

Where can I find the Safari Park?

The good news if you’re a big fan of Safari Park in Pokémon games is that it’s Kanto, which is none other than the very first region available on Pokéclicker. Just move forward on the roads and once Route 15 is completed you will have access to Parc Safari.

However, to be able to enter it, You must first defeat Fuschia City’s arena champion, Koga, so that he gives you the ticket. Next time you will have to pay an entry slot which is 100 quest points to be able to go back there again.

Once you are in the safari park, there is new gameplay. As a matter of fact, You have to run around and walk on Pokemon or in tall grass like in a classic Pokemon video game. But as soon as it’s done, no classic fight opens, but a new window.

In this case you have several options, try to catch the Pokemon, offer it a bait that will lower the catch rate but also the escape rate or throw a rock at him to increase catch rate but also to escape.

It’s up to you to manage and see if you prefer a higher catch rate with high chances of escaping, or very low escape rates but with minimal chances of catching. Finally, to help you, it is also possible to use berries harvested on your farm. As a matter of fact, The Razz divides the escape chance by 1.5 and the Nanab increases the capture chance by 1.5. Once you’ve used up your 30 Poké Balls, you’ll be escorted to the exit.

Pokemon found in Safari Park

In the Safari Park you can get your hands on a total of 16 different Pokémon, but you should know that not all of them have the same chance of appearing. Therefore, we recommend that you find the full list below with each frequency of occurrence. For Pokémon whose name differs between the English and French versions, we have put the name in VF in parentheses.

  • Nidoran F: 9.04%
  • Nidorina: 6.02%
  • Nidoran M: 15.06%
  • Nidorino: 6.02
  • Exeggcute (egg nut): 12.5%
  • Sales: 3.01%
  • Parasect: 9.04%
  • Rihorn (rhinoceros): 6.02%
  • Chansey (Chansey): 2.41%
  • Scyther (Scyther): 2.41%
  • Pinsir (scarab): 2.41%
  • Kangaskhan (Kangourex): 9.04%
  • Bulls: 6.02%
  • Cubone (osselaite): 6.02%
  • Marowak (Ossateur): 3.01%
  • Tangela (Saquedeneu): 2.41%
Pokéclicker: Know everything about the Parc Safari

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