Over 10,000 reports of Covid vaccine side effects have been removed from VAERS, including 500 reports of deaths

According to Albert Benavides, a data analyst who has followed VAERS since the first release of the Covid-19 vaccines, more than 10,000 reports of Covid-19 vaccine adverse events have been removed from the US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). made available to the public.

The VAERS database is a reporting system operated by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is used to identify vaccines that may cause side effects more frequently than expected. Anyone, healthcare professionals, vaccine manufacturers and the general public can submit a report to VAERS.

“Already 500 death declarations have been suppressed so far for Covid vaccines and a total of 10,000 declarations have been suppressed since their introduction. I checked 2000 of these requests and couldn’t find the duplicate because the fine print says ‘We are removing duplicates and false reports’.”Mr Benavides said in an interview with the Stew Peters Network published on April 28.

Deletion of reports on Covid-19 vaccines are “much more numerous” than reports for other vaccines, the data analyst said.

Of the total of 14,000 entries removed from VAERS, 10,000 relate to Covid vaccines while the remaining 4,000 relate to other vaccines.

Of the 1.2 million reports of a Covid injection at VAERS, there are around 27,000 deaths, which corresponds to just over 2%, the specialist went up in his analysis. Of the 10,000 deleted reports, 500 relate to fatalities or 5%.

“We find that 65% of all reports of Covid vaccines [du VAERS] are classified at the lowest level: not serious… Logically, they do not even imply a doctor’s visit, let alone an emergency or hospitalization. But if you read them in detail, it’s really about cardiac arrest, stroke, pulmonary embolism… and you see they’re misclassified.”exclaimed Mr. Benavides.

According to him, it was the CDC and FDA that removed the famous missing entries. He wants someone to explain to him the reason for their deletion.

The CDC and FDA did not respond to a request for comment.epoch times.

VAERS had already sparked controversy last year because of a similar situation. Some had reported that the CDC had removed 6,000 death reports from the database.

The CDC then told Reuters that it had removed foreign reports that had inadvertently been filed with the domestic reports.

According to the latest data from VAERS as of May 13, the database contained 1.268 million reports of Covid vaccine-related adverse events. There were 28,141 declarations of death, 52,299 declarations of permanent disability and 31,437 cases of life-threatening events.

An analysis by ABC News shows that as of August 2021, 18.9% of deaths from Covid-19 occurred in vaccinated Americans. In February 2022, this figure rose to over 40%.

In September 2021, US citizens who received two doses of the vaccine plus a booster accounted for just 1.1% of Covid-19 deaths. Five months later, in February, that number had risen to around 25%.

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