Use Shazam to recognize songs in any other app!

The Shazam Music app has a new feature on Android phones that identifies a song from each app. Just press the pop-up Shazam button and you’re done, even with headphones in your ears!

Oh, we’ve waited a long time for this! Finally, identifying a piece or a song on our smartphone will be much easier.

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or another app, pretty much all of us have had the experience of placing our phone’s microphone near our headphones and then launching Shazam to identify the song that’s currently playing.

That time is now over as Shazam now allows identification of songs playing within the apps themselves.

Thanks to the Pop-Up Shazam it is possible to identify a song within an application.

How to enable Shazam popup to identify music

The pop-up Shazam feature is currently only available on Android smartphones via the latest app update. A rather strange decision, considering that Shazam has belonged to Apple since last year.

Luckily, since the launch of iOS and iPadOS 14.2, a similar feature is available in our devices’ settings.

The pop-up Shazam will be a small bubble that will be placed on the screen. When we start a video on Facebook, YouTube or any other application, we just have to press the button and Shazam will start identifying the song.

Once the song is identified, Shazam even starts a karaoke function by displaying the lyrics while the song is playing.

When you’re done with the button, simply slide it down to remove it from the screen. It’s the same principle as Messenger chat bubbles.

So, to enable the pop-up shazam, the following is required:

  1. Open the Shazam app
  2. Scroll the screen from left to right
  3. Press thegear icon
  4. Enable in settings Pop-up Shazam
  5. When a song is playing in an app, tap the Shazam bubble.

If you didn’t know it yet, you can also activate the function here: Shazamer when starting the app. Handy, especially when you hear a song on a TV commercial or in a public place and you want to quickly identify it.

Pop-up Shazam in-app identification of music tracks

How to enable pop-up shazam on android.

It’s a little different on iOS, as the feature can be added to device settings instead of appearing as a bubble.

To enable the feature on an iPhone or iPad, you must:

  1. Open Settings and then click control center
  2. Click on that + green Next music recognition
  3. While playing a song, open Control Center
  4. Press the Shazam logo
  5. The song title will be displayed at the top of the screen if found.

Shazam in iOS app identification music song

How to enable pop-up Shazam-like feature on iOS.

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