Trump’s influence is hitting a wall in Georgia

A blow to former US President Donald Trump, who suffered two heavy defeats in the Republican Party primary in Georgia on Tuesday night.

Current Gov. Brian Kemp has relentlessly attacked since 2020 for failing to adhere to the fallen billionaire-sponsored election-stealing conspiracy theory, crushing his opponent, Mr. Trump-titled ex-Senator David Perdue, and collecting more than three-quarters of the cast votes.

Donald Trump’s Colt’s campaign was characterized by obsessively repeating the lie that the 2020 presidential election had given Joe Biden the win due to unproven voter fraud.

Georgia’s Foreign Secretary, Republican Brad Raffensperger, also slapped the former White House resident by confirming his candidacy in the upcoming midterm elections. He garnered more than 50% of the vote against his opponent, Rep. Jody Hice, who was passionately supported by Donald Trump to bring down a strong figure against his voter fraud theory.

We remember: Brad Raffensperger fought back the pressure of the ex-president, who after his defeat in 2020 with this elected official, was looking for a way to invalidate the result of the vote and to illegally resume Georgia, which had fallen by a stroke 0.23% majority in the hands of Democrat Joe Biden.

In a January 2021 phone call, four days before the Capitol attack, the former reality TV star urged the Secretary of State to “find” 11,780 votes in his favor, which the man refused, drawing the wrath of populists . The call recorded by Raffensperger was uncovered by the Washington Post and mentioned during the second impeachment trial launched against the ex-president after his supporters attacked the US Legislature seat on January 6, 2021.

Call for caution

Donald Trump’s enterprise aimed at wiping out his opponents within the Republican Party itself from the electoral landscape is a total failure in Georgia. Prosecutor Chris Carr, the third populist pet in the Southern state, won the primary against candidate John Gordon, who also championed the fallacy of massive voter fraud alleged by the former president.

Tuesday evening, on twitterRepublican Chris Christie, ex-governor of New Jersey and ex-advisor to Trump, hailed Brian Kemp’s win and particularly the gesture by Georgia voters, who he says oppose the festival of “revenge” he created fought off Donald Trump across the country.

“Kemp’s and Raffensperger’s victories show that Trump’s role as kingmaker nationwide is not unlimited,” said political scientist Simon Gilhooley, a professor at Card College in upstate New York, in an interview. But you must be careful. If his support for a candidate here wasn’t enough to choose the winner, his influence does not evaporate, and a pledge of allegiance to the ex-president can still be election winning. »

Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, spokeswoman for the populist but also American figure in the conspiracy movements, demonstrated this Tuesday night by avoiding defeat in front of several less radical candidates hoping to prevent her from running again next November . .

For his part, Scott H. Ainsworth, director of the Department of Political Science at the University of Georgia, agrees: “Trump’s endorsement works much better with lesser-known candidates, which wasn’t the case here The duty in Athens, in this southern state. Overall, however, Tuesday’s votes suggest the impact of the 2020 election is wearing off among voters, although it appears to be wearing off more slowly among Donald Trump’s supporters. »

foreground duel

In light of Tuesday night’s results, Gov. Brian Kemp is now preparing to meet Democrat Stacy Abrams in a rematch next November after their first meeting of 2018.

“Even in the midst of a tough primary, our state’s conservatives haven’t listened to the noise,” the state governor said during his victory speech to the crowd at Washington’s College Football Hall of Fame. “But I want to make it very clear to all of you here tonight: our fight is far from over. Tonight begins the battle for the soul of our state to ensure Stacey Abrams does not become our governor or the next president. »

In her 2018 defeat, the Democrat accused her opponent of passing a series of laws aimed at restricting access to polling stations for Georgia’s African-American population. As a result, she became a passionate campaigner for equal voting access and a staunch opponent of discriminatory Republican policies. This includes redrawing ballot maps to dilute Democratic votes in several districts and removing voters on electoral rolls.

Overall, Tuesday’s votes suggest the impact of the 2020 election on voters is waning

The campaigns of Abrams have enabled African American votes to continue to mobilize in the 2020 presidential election, a trend they could benefit from next November.

“It’s too early to predict the outcome of the election,” says Simon Gilhooley, but the polls show a large base of undecided voters who could tip in favor of Stacey Abrams. »

Republican stronghold Georgia has become a state where the struggle has intensified due to its demographics. “The midterm elections will be difficult for both parties,” the political scientist continued, and next November all eyes will surely be on this key country.

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