TikTok launches paid live subscriptions for creators

On TikTok, subscribers can wear a badge that shows their seniority and have access to an exclusive “chat” (talkgroup). (Photo: 123RF)

San Francisco — TikTok is adding another string to its content monetization arc: The hugely popular app will offer paid subscriptions to content creators’ live sessions, a way for the company and its stars to be less dependent on advertising.

The new feature will be tested starting Thursday, the platform announced in a video, and will allow creators to “generate predictable monthly revenue” and customize their “live room.”

TikTok has also released several YouTuber videos boasting privileges reserved for fans when they sign up, such as: B. Using personalized emojis specific to their universe in the conversation during the broadcast.

This new tool evokes the winning formula of Twitch, the video game streaming platform.

Live videos are visible there for all visitors, but only subscribers have access to certain emojis in the chat window where they comment on the games.

On TikTok, subscribers can wear a badge that shows their seniority and have access to an exclusive “chat” (talkgroup).

The LIVE Subscription feature is intended to give creators “the opportunity to increase sales while continuing to grow their community, and also allow fans to regularly thank their favorite creator,” the company said in a statement.

Pricing hasn’t been announced, but should be on par with Twitch, according to a tweet from “bbjess,” a creator on both platforms.

The app will initially offer this feature in beta mode for select creators. It will then be expanded more broadly to the over 18s and at least 1,000 fans.

The company had already announced at the beginning of May that it would examine the implementation of advertising revenue sharing with the most prominent creators of the platform and thus move closer to the existing competition model.

TikTok, which has emerged as a major video platform with the pandemic, has long struggled to monetize its content and has been slow to realize the potential of its billion monthly users, a threshold surpassed last year.

Diversifying revenue streams has become all the more necessary as regulators tighten the screws on advertising targeting based on the collection of personal data.

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