She does not regret her call for a boycott

The English-speaking Quebecer at the origin of the boycott call a Montreal baker who allegedly refused to serve customers in English says he has no regrets about the controversy it caused.

” I said to myself Oh my God, When it has arrived. I was saddened to see that he refused to minister in English in Montreal. I had never seen that before in my Belle province,” laments Elaine Dubow Harris, perfectly bilingual.

Elaine Dubow Harris - Angry Anglo

This Westmount County resident wanted to share her version of the facts after doing some reading The newspaper the testimony of Jérôme Moutonnet, owner of the Brioche Dorée bakery.

This last on Monday accused Elaine Dubow Harris of running a smear campaign on social networks against his company after saying a single sentence in Molière’s language to an English-speaking customer.

Jérôme Moutonnet, owner of the Brioche Dorée bakery

Photo agency QMI, Joël Lemay

Jérôme Moutonnet, owner of the Brioche Dorée bakery

“The truth is I went to his shop with friends who only speak English. He refused to speak in their language. I politely asked him why. He replied that it was his country and that we speak French here,” says Mme Dubov Harris.

“He’s French from France. I’m a real Quebecer who was born here. I speak both languages ​​without any problems. My grandmother is Francophone and was born in Quebec in 1892,” she replies, sipping her iced tea.

Elaine Dubow Harris finally warned the baker that if he refused to speak the language of Shakespeare, he would lose his English-speaking clientele in Westmount.

“He told me he didn’t care and didn’t need her,” sighs the man, who has lived in the United States for more than 30 years.

The Westmount resident immediately decided to email 35 friends with the subject line: “Act 96 hit me in the face today! “.

In this text, which circulated on social networks and went viral, the lady directly called for a boycott of the Brioche Dorée bakery.

“It was out of my control, I got so many messages. It was all over Instagram and Facebook. I didn’t understand that,” says the Montrealer.

But does she regret using Law 96 in this way? “No, not at all,” M replies without Dubov Harris.


Elaine Dubow Harris - Angry Anglo

Photo agency QMI, Joël Lemay

When contacted on this subject, the owner of the Brioche Dorée defends himself, assuring that nobody “needs to impose the language in which he serves his customers”.

“It’s a shame if I lose my customers in English. Since the controversy, people have come from all over Montreal to support me. It’s not about language, it’s about politeness,” explains Jérôme Moutonnet.

♦ Under Bill 101, or the new Bill 96 passed Tuesday, a Quebec business is not required to serve customers in English.

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