Saint-François Seminary: football coach by day, predator by night

Dave-Alex Berthelot was a coach and teacher valued by the students of the Séminaire Saint-François (SSF). However, his many lewd text messages throughout the night asking about the size of his athletes’ penises led to a wave of denunciation.

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Science teacher and soccer coach Dave-Alex Berthelot was clearly loved by his students at Saint-Augustin’s private secondary school.

Because he is less authoritarian and closer in age to youth, many victims will say he is “the teacher they get along with best.”

The 29-year-old ex-teacher continued his follow-up care outside of school hours. But when evening and night fell, the defendants began talking with sexual connotations.

Snapchat Messages

Following the same modus operandi, Berthelot began talking about his penis and then asking his students about the size of their penises. The ex-coach told several of his six victims that he was tortured and ridiculed by having his testicles crushed during his detention in Thailand.

“Mr suffered significant trauma during a trip to Thailand,” confirmed his attorney, Mr.and Pierre Côté, who points out that a sexological opinion was requested in anticipation of the verdict.

Only the defendant used this event to convince his victims to provide him with sexual images. For some victims, the accused confides in suicidal remarks, invites them home for a joint masturbation session, or sends photos of their penis next to a ruler.

director reported

Berthelot’s indecent communications reached their climax on the night of December 31, 2020 on December 1stah January 2021, when he sent explicit messages and photos to four of his six victims.

None of the SSF youth responded to their coach’s requests by sending photos, but all felt uncomfortable and stressed about the situation. They even discussed the coach’s inappropriate text messages among themselves and reported the accused to the principal in January 2021.

Dave-Alex Bertholot “pled guilty at the first opportunity, it was important to my client that the six victims did not have to testify,” argued his attorney. He admitted responsibility for two counts of indecent communication, one count of sexual exploitation and five counts of solicitation.

He will return to sentencing court filings in the fall.

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