Mayor Plante’s plea against handguns

Angered by the violence in the city, Mayor Valérie Plante is calling on the federal government to pass a law banning handguns. She asks the chairmen of the provincial parties to support her in her request.

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“I don’t know how long we will wait and when the political courage will be there, but I call on the federal government. Every time we withdraw arms, others return, and it’s not the cities that can find a solution,” Mayor Plante started angrily.

His call comes the day after a shooting in a residential area of ​​Rivière-des-Prairies where a day care center was riddled with bullets.

21 people, including 19 children, were killed in a school shooting in the United States on Monday.

“It is extremely violent to see such violence on the other side of the border every time. It makes us think of armed violence that is increasing everywhere. In Montreal, we don’t want that violence,” Ms. Plante explained.

Last September, the mayors of Quebec’s five largest cities, including Ms. Plante, joined their voices to demand that the Canadian government legislate against handguns and strengthen border security.

Motions that the Trudeau government refused to commit to.

“One of the strongest solutions would be to legislate and ensure that handguns are illegal and that we control assault weapons even more closely,” Mayor Plante reiterated.

She is also asking the leaders of the provincial parties currently campaigning to lobby with her in the Canadian government.

“This is not just a request from Montreal, but from all of Quebec. If there’s a consensus in our society, it’s that we don’t want guns here at home. There must be a firm will to fight this arms trade at the source,” she stressed.

The mayor also revealed that the Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) dismantled an amphetamine production and distribution network Wednesday morning in a large-scale operation involving more than 250 police officers.

“It’s a way of attacking the source of money for organized crime, which is drugs. That’s less revenue to buy guns,” she said, adding that more details would be announced later in the day.

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