Franco’s | External Programming Homage to Karim Ouellet, rap and discoveries

Rap anywhere, anytime, a closing show with Loud Lary Ajust, a tribute to Karim Ouellet, Juliette Armanet on the main stage and the christening of La Zarra are among the highlights of Franco’s outdoor program unveiled on Wednesday. Overview with Laurent Saulnier, Vice President of Programming.

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Alexandre Vigneault

Alexandre Vigneault
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Three albums were enough to establish Karim Ouellet and his songs in Quebec pop. Five months after his tragic death, his sister Sarahmée is directing a tribute concert that will be staged on the largest Francos stage, with the participation of a bevy of Quebec singer’s relatives: Ariane Moffatt, Hubert Lenoir, Claude Bégin, Alaclair Ensemble, Klô Pelgag, Sarahmée herself and some others will be there to remind us.


Sarahmée directs the tribute show for her brother Karim Ouellet.

The idea for the show came from Sarahmée herself, says Laurent Saulnier, vice president of programming at Les Francos.

I said yes without hesitation. I knew if she wanted it, it would be done right. She and the equally committed musicians who played with Karim selected the guests. We gave them complete control of this show.

Laurent Saulnier, vice president of Franco’s programming

Rehearsals haven’t taken place yet, so he doesn’t know exactly what to expect himself. The concert was primarily intended to highlight the songs by Karim Ouellet himself, giving way to numbers in which the guests, many of whom know each other, pool their talent to cover the author’s well-known and lesser-known songs love.

Gone are the days when Quebec rap took its place in Quebec music – we still remember the outreach of 2Faces in Gémeaux and the 83 collective at the ADISQ Gala 20 years ago. Fans of the genre will find what they are looking for anywhere on the grounds of the Franco. Koriass (June 10) and Souldia (June 11) will be seen on the big stage. In the Nuits urbaines series (Connaisseur Ticasso, Tactics, Dope.gng, La fin des Schwachen, Samian) there will only be rap, or almost, and other music close to hip-hop will be elsewhere on the site too be heard

Closing night, June 18th, will also feature Loud Lary Ajust, whose tickets for the June 9th show at Club Soda quickly sold out. “Loud is playing a lot of festivals this year,” points out the Francos’ chief architect, but LLA’s only two shows are the Francos’. »


According to Lary Ajust in 2014

Laurent Saulnier points out that although rap has been present at Francos for years, the novelty is more on the side of Quebec pop inspired by soul and R&B, with Marième and Maeva for example. “We put them all over the place,” he says of the artists who dig these furrows.

Pop and a premiere

Juliette Armanet will be the only foreign artist to perform at the Place des Festivals next month. Obviously, according to Laurent Saulnier, who wanted people who love French pop to have access to a free “gift”. Most of the other renowned European guests – including Clara Luciani – actually perform indoors.

Another notable event is the scenic christening of La Zarra, a Quebec singer created by the French division of the multinational Universal. Laurent Saulnier himself has never seen her on the boards.

The interpreter of you will go away will perform on June 13th afternoon during a “Showcase” concert for professionals in the field and on June 15th at the Place des Festivals.


La Zarra will live its picturesque baptism during the Francos.

Finally, note that Jacques Michel, who made an unexpected comeback on disc in 2019, will perform what might be his last career concert in Montreal on June 12 and that Luc De Larochellière will present his anniversary show save my soul on June 10th. Émile Bilodeau will use a space at the Place des Festivals on June 13th to introduce his guests Scott-Pien Picard, Matten and Laura Niquay, all Innus from Mani-utenam, near Sept-Îles. Elisapie, Inuk of Salluit, Nunavik will also perform.

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