confirmed success for the Microsoft platform

At its Build conference, Microsoft confirmed that 10 million gamers used Xbox Cloud Gaming to play games. A success for the streaming video game service, which is now way ahead of Stadia.

Xbox Cloud Gaming // Source: Microsoft

Xbox cloud gaming has a bright future ahead of it. This Tuesday, during its Build conference, Microsoft said that 10 million gamers had used Xbox Cloud Gaming since early 2022. This number was already mentioned in a financial report from the company a few weeks ago, now it is publicly confirmed. This cloud gaming service is positioned well ahead of Stadia, let alone promoted by Google in favor of other products.

10 million players for Xbox Cloud Gaming

It was Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, who announced the number of players on his streaming service during the Redmond company’s conference. In 2022, more than 10 million gamers streamed games in 26 countries thanks to Microsoft. For example, while comparisons are difficult, last September Nvidia announced that more than 12 million gamers in 70 countries were reportedly using Nvidia GeForce Now 9to5Google. Regarding Google’s Stadia, the web giant has never provided statistics on its player counts.

Xbox Cloud Gaming Coming First?

What might explain Microsoft’s slight lag compared to Nvidia is that the latter is available longer in more countries, but also that it has a free offering. Note that this is also the case on the Google Stadia side, as the service also offers free trials.

But the Xbox is not neglected either: a few weeks ago Microsoft announced that you can now play Fortnite on Xbox Cloud Gaming without a Game Pass Ultimate subscription. A way for the company to let gamers test its streaming video game service to convince them to switch to a subscription formula. Microsoft had also announced that there would soon be more games play for free on its platform to continue to wow players.

During its Build conference, Microsoft also announced the arrival of Android applications on Windows 11 in France, the improvement of the Microsoft Store, as well as a development kit Windows for ARM.

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