A tender for the “brain” of the tram

After publishing tenders for rolling stock and infrastructure, the city of Quebec launched a tender for the streetcar “brain” on Wednesday.

Specifically, it is about the selection of a supplier for the operating and mobility systems (SEM) that are essential for the commissioning of the mega project.

“It is a third important player in the tram’s work,” explained Benoît Carrier from the tram project office during a technical briefing on Wednesday.

This new tender therefore aims to “select a collaborator who will make his professional services available to integrate the various SEMs required for the operation of the tram. It also aims to acquire centralized technical management software (GTC),” it was explained.

The supplier is to be selected in autumn 2022, the contract is to run for 10 years.

market requested

The contract for the SEM will not have the same budget scope as that for the tram parts “vehicles” and “infrastructure”. But it is just as important for the functioning of the mega-project, emphasized Mr. Carrier.

According to its own statements, the tram project office measured the market’s interest in such an order a year ago. The response was good and no fewer than eight companies showed interest right from the start.

Team leader Stéphane Gagnon said he hoped that by the September 22 deadline, several specialized companies would submit bids for this tender. “Yes, there is interest in these types of contracts in the market today,” he confirmed.

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Real time

The general idea of ​​the SEM is to bring together the various components that enable the tram to operate.

“We can imagine a network of devices that communicate with each other and make it possible to know immediately the status of the tram service and ensure its connection with the surrounding road network,” we said.

With the SEMs, for example, it will be possible to ensure that the tram runs every four minutes. The driver knows in real time whether he is early or late in relation to his schedule.

SEM is already in the buses of the Réseau de transport de la Capitale. In particular, they enable certain services to be set up, such as prioritizing traffic lights or validating tickets.

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