Nord VPN: The best VPN revealed at a bargain price

news good deal Nord VPN: The best VPN revealed at a bargain price

Nord VPN is back with a new offer that’s still as attractive as ever! The 2-year subscription costs only €2.89 per month and includes the VPN star’s new antivirus offer!

Nord VPN: The VPN star is currently heavily discounted!

It is the best-known VPN, thanks in particular to its many numerous advertising campaigns on Youtube that have made it a success.

Nord VPN is a bit of the one who managed to popularize VPNs to the general public, allowing everyone to discover their interest.

But what makes it so successful is its excellent quality at a minimal price!

Today we also find it with a huge promotion of 60% on the 2-year subscription that costs only €2.89 per month.

Enjoy Nord VPN for €2.89 per month

Guaranteed satisfaction or your money back for 30 days, you can even try for a month if you want before making your final decision!

With this offer, you only pay €69 instead of €174 for the first two years.

It is also possible to subscribe for only 1 year with a smaller discount. The subscription will then cost you €4.39 per month or €52 per year.

Finally, the basic subscription, to be renewed every month, costs €10.49 billed every month.

Benefits of a VPN

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is the best way to protect your anonymity online. It routes your data through an encrypted network, which makes your data much more secure from hackers, but also from any websites trying to recover it.

Thanks to its servers in many countries, your IP address will be anonymized and you can access your favorite content anywhere in the world.

For example, if you are a Netflix subscriber but traveling in Japan, you can connect to a French server and thus link your entire usual catalog to the country without blocking problems!

With this new formula, in addition to the others, you will also have access to an antivirus to protect your computer even better.

When Windows Defender protects your devices fairly effectively, nothing beats a good paid antivirus.

So if you can have antivirus and VPN for an inordinately low price, what more could you ask for?

Enjoy Nord VPN for €2.89 per month

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