“David is for life” – Camille Estephan

PHOENIX, AZ | It was almost nine in the morning when David Lemieux walked into the small cafeteria at the Residence Marriott in Glendale.

Dressed all in black, freshly showered, serious face, uninviting. Not too pronounced either. It was the forehead and one browbone that seemed to be most prominent.

He sat down with his waffle because he didn’t want to talk. No prank, far from it, but not the taste to talk. Even with the guys from his team greeting him. Sam, Hugo, Luc-Vincent, Virginia.

“David is a proud man. It puts a strain on his ego,” whispered Marc Ramsay, sitting a little further.

Marc had just said that David Lemieux went “baboon,” to use his phrase, after his loss to David Benavidez. Lemieux was furious because Marc Ramsay stopped the fight. The Lionheart wanted to attack again, still hoping to turn around a dangerous situation.

“But if a boxer loses his legs, he can no longer defend himself and he can no longer attack with power. David’s health was at risk,” Ramsay said.


Ramsay got up and left to chat with Lemieux for a few seconds, time to quickly swallow his waffle. And Lemieux got up to meet his attorney, Anthony Rudman. We wanted to make sure his scholarship would be well paid.

A little later everyone sat down in a box in the restaurant to discuss the latest events without pressure.

Sometimes you win as a team and lose alone. This time the team stuck together. And the boys weren’t shy about repeating how proud they were of their boxer. And the man with the steel balls.


Camille Estephan and David Lemieux were able to chat on Sunday morning. When I reached Estephan at the end of the day, he was waiting for a flight to Chicago.

“We knew it was going to be a very difficult fight. That the odds weren’t on our side. We saw David Benavidez is the best in the world at 168lbs. Better than Canelo Alvarez. We hoped David would touch him to rouse him and slow him down. The opposite happened. Benavidez’s left hook that shook David was surgical. Perfect. From that second David was in danger.

“But he showed incredible courage. Despite his condition, he was still the attacker. He hoped. But it is obvious that David Lemieux weighs only 168 pounds and that he is at a great disadvantage compared to the vast elite of this division. »

“We’ll meet this week. Take time to think. David has been a professional boxer for 15 years. It was his whole life. Just the thought of retirement comes as a shock. His routine has always been to train each day with a fight and a goal in mind. For the rest, if David decides to quit, we’ll oversee him, we’ll make a plan. He’s doing well financially, he has a beautiful family, but it’s never easy to stop. Especially so young. But come what may, David Lemieux will be around. David, it’s for life,” Estephan said with a lot of emotion in his voice.


David Benavidez’s promoter was happy with his evening. Almost 10,000 paying spectators prove the marketability of the two Davids tickets.

“But I’m disappointed in the fight itself. I thought Lemieux could hold out longer. But David hit him straight and really hard. After that, it was only a matter of time,” noted Sampson Lewkowicz.

But he still had good words for David Lemieux. Using his hands as if holding two cantaloupes, he added, “It’s a phenomenon. We can tell him that he has two very big ones”.

But we can’t say that’s much of a consolation when it’s time to go home.

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