AHL Playoffs: Danick Martel’s 4 goals result in Rocket defeating the Rochester Americans

Summary American v. rocket

LAVAL – We said Laval Rocket should be wary of the Rochester-Americans’ vast arsenal of talent, but little did we know that Danick Martel would have a blast in the first game of the four-goal series.

A 6-1 win in front of a crowd of over 10,000 gave The Rocket a 1-0 lead in the third round.

Damaged during the last game of the previous round, Martel was able to finish that game and was even the origin of Gabriel Bourque’s winning goal in overtime.

And four for Danick Martel!

Martel picked up where he left off with a fabulous performance against farm club Buffalo Sabers. Anything Martel touched turned to gold or gates!

While the guests had scored the first goal of the evening, Martel turned the tide before the break. He first deflected a shot from Gignac behind Aaron Dell.

From the sixth minute of the second period he used his own shot to put the puck in the net.

Six minutes later, he experienced the terrific feeling of scoring a hat-trick in front of a packed crowd. The smile on his face was beautiful to behold as the hats flew off the stands and landed in the four corners of the ice rink. He also kicked Dell out of his net.

“Emotions lie in the carpet, I lose myself in my words! It’s not often that we do gigs like this. The puck followed me everywhere throughout the game. I had other chances but I tried to give them not to be selfish,” Martel commented.

“The puck followed me everywhere! »

“There are fewer emotions during the season. It’s always one more achievement in the playoffs, it’s hard to count. It was nice to see the support from the fans,” admitted Martel, who unfortunately will be playing in front of more members of his entourage on Monday.

“He played a great game. He’s a player who shows a lot of intensity, he has good speed and he can be inserted almost anywhere in the formation, he played a very big game tonight,” agreed coach Jean-François Houle.

“Magical! I am very happy for him, he is a good friend. He deserves it, he works hard in every game, he nets a lot of pucks. Tonight it came in,” said Rafaël Harvey-Pinard.

Let’s not forget that three minutes before that third goal from Martel, Cédric Paquette threaded the needle after a great feint by Harvey-Pinard at the expense of Mark Alt, who was instead “abandoned” in this sequence.

“Belzile told me I had time and I saw that the defender had given me space so I had time to try a fake. Then I just made the pass without thinking,” explained RHP.

If Paquette completed this staging, he also played a crucial role in this encounter with his robust playing. His involvement seemed to destabilize Rochester on a few occasions.

As if that wasn’t enough, Martel added his quarter of the day during one of Rochester’s many bouts of third-period indiscipline. Generously, Martel had just tried to offer his teammate a goal when the puck returned to its pallet without delay and into the net even faster.

After Martel and Paquette, we can’t wait to applaud goalkeeper Cayden Primeau’s contribution. While the Rocket members are careful not to get too involved in his bubble these days, Primeau has continued to excel. The 22-year-old US goalkeeper excelled on several occasions, including frustrating a breakaway from the start of the game for a prolific JJ Peterka.

“It was an emotional game at the beginning. Especially in the playoffs you have to be prepared for everything, every game counts. Our start was a little slow, but then nothing could stop us,” said Primeau, who posted a .945 playoff efficiency.

Peterka recovered by scoring the only goal of his own. To be honest Peyton deservedly hit Krebs but captain Xavier Ouellet robbed him trying to put the puck in an abandoned goal.

The Rocket’s penalty killers, including Alex Belzile, also had a hand in that result, not giving up in four appearances.

Nate Schnarr scored the rocket’s sixth goal late in the game.

Remember that the two teams will once again cross swords at Place Bell from Monday. Frustration washed over the Amerks players in the final period as they tried to prepare for this second game. Nick Boka tried everything to provoke a fight and he had a long heated argument with Ouellet in the box. Note that Mattias Norlinder received a vicious elbow to the head from Ben Holmstrom, while Corey Schueneman suffered a lower back countercheck from the same player and walked for a few minutes.

“It’s the referee’s job to manage that well. It’s a shame the game ended like this,” said Houle.

“The emotion is in the carpet”

Norlinder was the victim of a bastard punch at the end of the game

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