Warzone: An Even More Beautiful Game for Xbox Series Players!

Unfortunately since last December when Call of Duty Vanguard was introduced in Battle Royale Call of Duty: Warzone, The 120 FPS option is no longer available for Xbox Series players.

However, the developers have announced that it will return soon to the delight of players.

120 FPS soon back in Warzone

While for some gamers having a game running at 60 FPS is absolutely no big deal, for others it is nothing more or less than sacrilege, unnamed bad taste, something that is absolutely not possible for them. However, sometimes events mean we can’t have everything we want and Xbox Series players have been suffering for more than five months since the launch of Battle Royale and Vanguard Season 1.

If PS5 players still have the option to play at a frame rate of 120 FPS, Xbox Series X and S players no longer have that chance as the option has remained locked at 60 FPS and the reason for this is unknown as of now.

This will soon be history because on social networks the studio at the forefront of the Battle Royale, Raven Software has announced that 120 FPS will soon be supported again for Xbox series users.

This option will be available again thanks to the next update that will be deployed for May 25th, ie in two short days.

This update will also mark the arrival of Midseason 3 and should, as we can imagine, bring its share of new features. In addition, the date of May 25 will also be the date for which the disappearance of our two giants, Godzilla and King Kong, is scheduled, and therefore we will finally be able to know whether or not Caldera will have paid the price of their passage.

Soon the end of Operation Monarch

As a reminder, you have until May 25th to try to win a legendary weapon blueprint of the Bravo Tactical Rifle through the Operation Monarch event.

In addition to this tactical rifle, you can also win some neat little cosmetics such as the Bitumen Jungle Sticker, the Vestige Lucky Charm and finally the One Must Fall Spray.

What will happen to the Caldera Lands once Godzilla and King Kong are gone?

After more than two years of release, the bottom line seems clear: Call of Duty: Warzone is becoming less and less popular with the community, and as a player of this battle royale there are indeed several points that make you want to grab your joystick. or mouse, playing against the walls.

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