Android 13 Beta 3 will natively support braille displays

Google announces better braille display support in Android 13 beta 3, due out in June 2022.

Google confirms that Android 13 beta 3 will support Braille screens natively: enough to avoid blind or partially sighted users having to use special accessories and applications.

Android’s upcoming beta improves support for braille displays

Android 13 Beta 3 is scheduled for next June: it will “available in a few weeks“. Through its blog, Google announces that it is starting to do thisImplement out-of-the-box braille display support in Talkback“. As a reminder, Talkback is an accessible tool on Android for visually impaired or blind people.

A welcome improvement in care: As Google reminds us, people with blindness are forced to “Braille displays using the BrailleBack app, which should be downloaded separately from the Play Store, or use a virtual keyboard in Talkback instead of a physical device“.

Advanced features to facilitate the use of mobile devices by people with blindness

In this beta versionNo additional downloads are required to use most braille displays. People can use braille displays for many of the same functions available with talkback“, we learn in the Google blog. We can send emails, make phone calls, send a message, read a book.

Android braille keyboard
Google wants to avoid that with its virtual Braille keyboard for Android!

This update to braille display support adds “new shortcuts that simplify using braille displays with talkback. There are now navigation shortcuts that make it easier to scroll and move to the next character, word, or line. There are also shortcuts for settings and editing, e.g. B. go to the end of a document or select, copy and paste“.

When World Accessibility Awareness Day took place a few days ago, Google announced that it would improve speech recognition for people with speech disabilities. Apple can’t be outdone as the brand has announced live closed captions for calls, as well as guidance and door detection for iPhones.

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