Test V Rising: Our take on early access of blood from the vein

Steam Early Access disappoints 1 out of 3 times, but when they convince, they don’t pretend. V Rising, available since May 17th, sets Gabe Newell on fire with more than 500,000 copies already soldnot bad at all for an independent production betting on survival games at a time when the genre is somewhat armored.

Annotation : This rating is based on around 35 hours of gameplay as our party prepares to level 3 the Heart of the Castle. It’s that easy to understand.

  • Genre: Survival / Sandbox
  • Release date: 05/17/2022
  • Platform: PC
  • Developer: Stunlock
  • Publisher: Stunlock
  • Price: €19.99

So does it bite?

Last year Valheim gave the survival game genre a kick in the anthill with a much simpler than average approach and an evolution of Skyrim that worked like a charm. A year later, it’s V Rising’s turn to set the hearts of co-op enthusiasts racing with an original, complete proposal that ticks all the boxes of an addictive game. If V Rising can stand out, it’s mostly thanks to rather daring mechanics based on vampire handicaps: don’t expect to be able to take the sun if you stay exposed to it for more than 5 seconds, you land in a pile of ashes. Likewise, it is impossible to carry silver coins for the merchant. These are all weaknesses that you have to deal with during very classic forest walks, where you will be asked to collect resources and objects to improve your base.

At this particular point, the stats prompted by the crafter are quite cumbersome, but by playing several (highly recommended) and adjusting to the more inherent rhythm of the game, you shouldn’t have too many problems. Building in V Rising is characterized above all by the grandiosity of the building to be built: in many games of the genre, a wooden hut is enough to explore all the content of the PVE, but here you will be forced to build yourself a huge castle with its unique rooms and badass throne room, from where you command the poor people you’ve turned into slaves. So there’s a lot to do and see on the crafting side, and this whole system of to build supports addictive combat gameplay that will surely remind players who have pulled their spats on Battlerite of a few things.

Ratchet & Clan

The gameplay, the feeling Weapon classes and even abilities, all these elements seem to have been taken straight from the developers and we won’t blame them as the studio has managed to bring Battlerite into a PVE game with brilliance. There are numerous ways to perfect your vampire, but you’ll have to unlock them little by little by fighting against increasingly powerful bosses scattered across the game’s vast map. The more you will cross swords against the generals of the world, the more obvious the connection with Stunlock’s previous production will seem: the importance of placement in battle, the fact of always staying mobile… The old reflexes return to give something akin to hack & slash, in a more refined form.

Gameplay that proves itself on PVP servers and should lead to epic clashes between vampire clans in the coming weeks and months. What is striking in V Rising is this balance idea in the big nonsense: Sure there are 1000 resources to manage and sure you have to go through the farm box to get out of there, but it doesn’t matter what task you plan to undertake in the game, everything happens naturally and smoothly. For much, much more detail on game mechanics, we advise you to stick with it In our portal of the game in comments we will come back to all aspects of V Rising with practical advice to get out of it the best during your adventure.

V rising

great brave

We’ve been praising the game from the start, but there are still a few things that need to be fixed to make everything perfect. For example, The camera is far from exemplary in some situations, or at least hampered by foreground objects that can end up eating you stray bullets in tense fights. And then you still have to be in a group if you want to progress properly: at the moment the game is not very well balanced for the solo, it lacks rhythm and the sessions of Farm yard last forever. After that, you’ll tell us that clearly that’s not the aim of this type of game, and you’d be absolutely right.

In the meantime, all those little disappointments can’t spoil the fun that comes from building your castle and clearing out increasingly wild strays. Undoubtedly another must-have in Steam’s Early Access category. The game should stay in this corner of the store for 12 months, which will give Stunlock all the time to polish everything by adding several additional layers of content via major updates, as is usual with this type of game.

V rising

Very promising

And another solid Early Access on Steam! V Rising is the synthesis of everything that has worked best in the survival/sandbox genre by superimposing two layers: a combat part, worthy heir to the underrated Battlerite, and very well integrated original ideas based on the vampire myth. From building your castle to wiping out super powerful bosses with the help of your clan, there’s a way fans of sandbox games can spend tens of hours of fun there.


Yes, it’s not just AAA in life: many indie game releases have punctuated the first months of this 2022 with long-awaited titles but also some nice surprises. We’ll come back to 10 of them in a separate selection.

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