Québec solidaire wants to make access to water easier

(Montreal) Québec solidaire (QS) believes that access to water and shores in the province is too restricted and will introduce a bill by the end of Parliament session so that all Quebecers can benefit.

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Mathieu Paquette
The Canadian Press

Whether it’s access to lake beaches, boat docks or hiking trails near waterways, the party believes there are inequalities within populations in terms of access to these places of relaxation and the outdoors.

Some regions have many accessible bodies of water but are very far from large urban centers which, on the contrary, have a much more limited offer.

“I’m a regional MEP, so we have a lake for two people,” explains Émilise Lessard-Therrien, the combined MEP for Rouyn-Noranda-Témiscamingue, who will take this into account.

Photo Olivier Jean, LA PRESSE archive

Solidarity MNA Émilise Lessard-Therrien

“So it’s less of an issue than for people who live on the island of Montreal, for example, who don’t have a car and can’t afford to rent a car to go to a national park or use our outdoor spaces.” »

Since it is nothing less than a “public health problem” according to QS, Dr.me Lessard-Therrien will table his bill by the end of the current parliamentary session.

In an interview with The Canadian Press, the member could not disclose the contents of her bill due to National Assembly rules, but she explained that the idea will be to make sure all Quebecers know where to go to enjoy a body of water without having to spend a fortune.

Outdoor activities are as good as healthy eating and physical activity. However, not everyone currently has an equal opportunity to practice these activities, escape to the fresh air and cool off in a lake.

Emilise Lessard-Therrien, Solidarity MNA

“So the idea really is to come and restore fairness. »

The pandemic has brought these inequalities to light, according to QS, as it became clear that many families confined to their homes, particularly in big cities, were struggling to find places to cool off during heat waves.

The party’s idea is not to deprive the owners of private spaces of access to water, but to add places open to all and to make them better known to citizens. .

Mme Lessard-Therrien recognizes the need to work with cities on launches for pleasure craft, as some cost “a fortune” to use.

“A lot of shorelines are under municipal jurisdiction, so there’s a lot of work to do with municipalities, but we need to start sowing seeds of the importance of ensuring access to water,” he explains.

This QS project is part of the desire to make it easier for Quebecers to access the natural environment that surrounds them. Earlier this week, the party unveiled its campaign pledge to make entry into national parks and game reserves completely free.

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