A royal UFO flew over Canada

This week, while the American Congress was dealing with the phenomenon of UFOs (they would only become more numerous), I have the impression that it happened in Canada. We could perhaps speak of a royal object whose relevance to the voyage has not been identified.

I compare Prince Charles’ visit to the passage of a UFO: people look, then people look at each other with a questioning expression. What ? Why ? Doubting or questioning, amused or jaded eyes.

In my daily LCN segment, Philippe Vincent-Foisy had the most disarming response when I asked him for credit for visiting Charles and Camilla: “You have good weather! It’s a reaction that reflects the general feeling.


You are not doing anything wrong. The British Crown undeniably has a role written in our history. Prince Charles will speak on indigenous issues and climate change. These are topics that will be very big on the agenda in 2022. Who can blame someone else for talking about it? A prince at that!

They don’t do anything wrong but it makes you wonder what exactly they are doing in Canada. Small crowds join them on their way. Admirers of the monarchy, others who enjoy meeting characters so often seen on television in person. I haven’t heard a single person say they came thinking Prince Charles was coming to play a key role in climate change.

And since the monarchy is based on an archaic royal blood that is incompatible with our idea of ​​democracy, we are only interested in the connection to personalities. For me, Queen Elizabeth II remains a model of steadfastness and dignity that inspires admiration. But Prince Charles…

difficult to change

I confess I belong to the slacker club who get dizzy at the thought of the chaos that would follow a decision to dodge the monarchy. Regime change… do you want long and heartbreaking debates?

Every professor of political science will have his model. A republic? A President? Do we seize the opportunity to change the voting mode? revise constitution? Then each province must agree. Otherwise we hold a referendum? 99% chance it won’t. In this case, do we repeat the whole process?

I talk about it and it wears me out. It’s enough to exhaust an entire generation and waste years. However, we must be aware that if the complexity of the detachment has become the main reason for maintaining the monarchy, it is hanging by a thread.

All of this means that the royal family shouldn’t hesitate to plan such trips given the complexities of organization and security costs (which we anticipate). The benefits and importance are too small to justify the effort.

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