The mask in individual cases

Will you wear the mask in public places in Quebec after May 14, even if it is no longer mandatory? Readers who followed the call for everyone The press, Thursday, will be shared. While the majority admit to continuing to wear them as a precaution, especially in certain situations, others intend to ditch them in order to finally get back to “normal life”. Here are some of the replies that were sent to us.

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Henri Ouellette-Vezina

Henri Ouellette-Vezina
The press

most vulnerable

For people aged 60 and over and those with medical conditions, COVID-19 remains a high risk. At 66 it is clear that I will continue to wear the mask indoors in public places. And I hope that many people will do the same. Above all, I hope that those who do get sick stay at home or have the decency to wear a mask out of respect for others.


live with the virus

No, I have no intention of carrying it further. I believe in going back to normal and living with this virus like we live with any other health issue. On the other hand, I will respect those who choose to continue wearing it. I believe that in this debate we need to show a great deal of respect and tolerance, regardless of the individual’s decision.



I won’t necessarily wear it like before. But I’ll always have one in my pocket in case the situation calls for it [par exemple] someone coughing near me or people too close.


new reality

I will wear it indoors in very special situations. Incidentally, only if I have flu-like symptoms, out of respect for others. It’s a new reality.


A simple gesture

Wearing the mask in public places is simple, light, space-saving and effective. Also vaccinated 4 times I will keep wearing it until the spread indicators are good for quite a while.

To mark

The Reality of Immunosuppression

We will continue to be cautious as my spouse is immunocompromised. Our entourage is aware of his health issues and willingly participate in basic health measures in his presence. This does not prevent us from seeing relatives and friends. We just pay attention.


Being immunocompromised, I’m still not entirely comfortable with not wearing the mask anymore despite having received four doses of the vaccine! Especially in the supermarket I think I will still wear it. I think we need to remain vigilant to prioritize people who have waited too long for surgery.


Out of respect

Out of respect for staff working in public areas and all those who are at risk, I will continue to wear the mask even after the obligation is lifted.


“Never Far Away”

I am very happy about this news. Depending on the location and the amount of traffic, I take it out of my pocket to be on the safe side. It also means we’ll see people coughing, sniffling, blowing their noses, etc. again, especially during this time of seasonal allergies. How to distinguish between these different symptoms? Caution is advised and the mask will never be far away.


“Great Common Sense”

I plan to wear it again if I find the situation compromising. What I won’t miss is being watched, yelled at, followed, sometimes challenged harshly because I forgot to put my mask back on when I left my table in the restaurant or entered a place in a hurry. A bit of common sense would have helped a lot to live this mask requirement more relaxed.


The importance of washing hands

No, I won’t be wearing it anymore, but handwashing must go on. Unfortunately, we are seeing more and more people entering stores by walking right past the disinfectant as it is no longer monitored.


And in the west of the country?

We live in British Columbia, where wearing a mask hasn’t been mandatory since last March. Here, older people continue to wear it, but young people have largely abandoned it.


turn the page

No, I won’t carry it any further. I did this to meet public health requirements, although I’m unsure of the benefits for healthy people. If we remove it, we have the impression of living normally again. I often stopped myself from going out because I had to wear it in public places.


More screening, more reviews

Yes, I will continue to wear the mask. There are still too many people with COVID around me. The fact that we no longer count the number of cases does not change the reality for me.


If asked

No thanks, I donated for the mask! The obligation to travel by air remains, to be honest, that bothers me a lot. I’m willing to continue wearing it to visit my 91-year-old mother in private homes and in the hospital, even in the presence of vulnerable people or when asked to, but that’s about it.


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