The great municipal seduction of QS

For Québec solidaire, with less than five months to go before the next election, the new group of elected community officials is an opportunity not to be missed.

In the eyes of QS, there is finally an environment here that the CAQ empire seems to be able to crack.

Mayors, led by Quebec’s Bruno Marchand, held up the dragee for the prime minister and his ministers, calling their city speeches “populist,” “misleading,” and “dangerous.”

Reluctance and criticism that add up to one of the central themes of QS: the fight against climate change, which would bring with it a new view of the city. Qsist activists in Quebec would regret betting everything on Jackie Smith, the chair of the municipal version of QS, Transition Quebec, who got elected, but alone.

In addition, the speeches and complaints of the “new mayors” underpin QS’s rhetoric that the CAQ is “outdated”.


Hence the intense effort at Great Deception made by Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois yesterday at the Union of Quebec Municipalities convention. A dripping flirt indeed!

For example, GND began his speech by revealing that he is often asked which politician inspires him.

Rene Levesque? Robert Bourassa? At least not Maurice Duplessis, he specified as an arrow after François Legault. Then he claimed, with a touch of ingratitude, that “I have always found it strange that in politics we must inevitably have to look to the past for inspiration”. (All of this is reminiscent of the famous revolutionary slogan: “Let’s wipe the slate clean of the past”!)

Gazing at the space populated by these newly elected officials and newly elected officials, the qsist leader became sycophantic: “A few months ago I found the answer to my question. It is here in this room: I, my inspiration, am the mayors transforming Quebec here and now. »

His speech was steeped in a sort of lyricism and ended on this note: “You deserve a government that brings the same hope, a government that speaks the same language as you do. Imagine all the things we could do together. »


In the past, it was primarily the PLQ that vied intensely for the communal world. The Charest government created the CRE (Regional Conference of Elected Officials) in 2003, which they have found to be valuable antennas throughout Quebec.

With the changing of the guard in towns and villages, QS sees the elected community representatives as a relay, a healing base; and a way to better penetrate certain regions.

The party even recruited one of the famous new mandate holders as a candidate: Philippe Pagé, mayor of Saint-Camille, who will wear the orange color in Richmond.

However, the affections’ electoral impact in the communal world is by no means guaranteed. The Couillard government – no doubt forgivable for scrapping the CREs – fully adopted the discourse of ‘local government’, ‘tailor made’, not ‘wall to wall’, from 2015 onwards. It has even enacted laws to that effect. Not to mention metropolitan and capital city specific legislation.

The profits for the PLQ? We’re still looking for her.

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