The Association of Immunodeficient Patients of Quebec highlights the continuing concerns of many Quebecers

The Association of Immunodeficient Patients of Quebec (APIQ) is relieved by the sharp drop in COVID-19 cases in Quebec and the success of the vaccination campaign in Quebec.

ST-JEAN-SUR-RICHELIEU, QC, May 13, 2022 /CNW Telbec/ — While the end of the province-wide mask order is slated for this Saturday, May 14, APIQ still wants to highlight the daily and ongoing health concerns many Quebecers are following the announcement of the abolition of mask wearing and social distancing measures. While the “return to normal” is imminent for many, those with immune problems must continue to take the necessary precautions to avoid the risk of serious, even fatal, health consequences.

“Since the phasing out of the mask requirement in spring, APIQ has been committed to destigmatizing and educating those who need to protect themselves from all forms of disease. We therefore urge Quebec residents to remain vigilant and aware of the most vulnerable people around them. Whether by wearing the immunoclip on their masks or clothing, or by wearing the mask in public, these individuals can be identified and need to take precautions for their health,” said Geneviève Solomon, CEO of APIQ.

Renewed concerns

The heavy burden on millions of Quebecers who had to wear masks regularly for two years remains a daily struggle for immunocompromised and immunocompromised Quebecers who were already wearing them routinely before the pandemic. These people must continue to wear their masks when out in public to avoid the risk of serious illness or serious health problems. The APIQ therefore asks the entire population to remain fair to these people. Worn either on the mask or more recently on clothing when wearing a mask is removed, the immunoclip will allow the population to identify immunocompromised individuals and ensure the maintenance of practices that take into account their susceptibility.

“Introduced last spring, the Immune Clip aimed to raise public awareness of the daily challenges faced by immunocompromised or immunocompromised people. Now more and more people will start removing or not wearing their masks when in shops and restaurants. Those who keep it and need that level of protection should be considered by the general population and we need to ensure their health and well-being are protected. “, explains Louis Sansfacon, creator of the product “Immunoclip”.

About the Association of Immunodeficient Patients of Quebec

The Association of Immunodeficient Patients of Quebec (APIQ) is a non-profit organization that brings together patients with immunodeficiency (ID) and their families and healthcare professionals interested in the disease.

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