Starfield: God of War Creator Criticizes Xbox Boss After Postponement | Xbox One

Unfortunately, the main news of the week was not good news. Bethesda has announced the postponement of Redfall and Starfield, the only two games from Xbox Studios to have a release date set for this year. While waiting to find out what Xbox games will be released this year, the God of War creator didn’t bother to criticize Microsoft’s gaming boss.

God of War creator calls Phil Spencer bad at development management

In his latest podcast, David Jaffe, creator of the God of War series on PlayStation 15 years ago, spoke about Redfall and Starfield being postponed until next year. Already known for not having his tongue in his pocket, he severely castigated Phil Spencer’s management over releasing games from Xbox studios.

You suck Phil Spencer. You are me when I was 28. I knew I could get pregnant, I knew I could have business ideas at least then, my brain was wired straight to the zeitgeist. It took me seven, eight, nine months to realize that I couldn’t make a game at all, let alone a game that I also directed… It made me realize that there are things that we’re even good at are great at it, and things we are not.

Words are harsh, and David Jaffe advised Phil Spencer to seek therapy. “You’re not good in this role […] Man, this is not an isolated case. »

By saying this isn’t an isolated case, David Jaffe is referring to the other game shifts Xbox has had to announce in recent years. Halo Infinite was certainly the best example of how, after a year of postponement, the developers still failed to timely release the game’s Co-op and Forge modes, which have been postponed multiple times and are now slated for later this year.

According to Jaffe, a big shift isn’t necessarily a problem in itself, but it certainly will be if there’s no food next.

David Jaffe still admits Phil Spencer is a visionary

For his part, Phil Spencer was responding to Xbox fans following the postponement of those two big games. He recalled that this type of decision was always difficult to make, but that he supported his teams to get out of games when they were really ready. Still, he said he’s heard the feedback from the community and wants to “better meet expectations.” Without specifying what it was, here we imagine that Xbox studios will now be more cautious when it comes to announcing a release date.

David Jaffe isn’t exactly known for having his tongue in his pocket. When rumors of a new Twisted Metal game (a franchise he helped create) surfaced at Sony last year, he threatened the manufacturer directly when he learned he hadn’t been recalled. “I know things. I know where the bodies are buried. And I even know who pulled the trigger before they buried the damn bodies… You should have called me. I’m not saying I will reveal things that will hurt people because I don’t want to be an asshole. But… you should have called me. you should have called me »

Creator’s comments on Phil Spencer are harsh, but he still admits the Xbox boss remains a visionary and says he loves Phil Spencer’s vision with Game Pass. “You’re so close Phil Spencer. Your plan is solid, your infrastructure is solid in terms of these studios, it’s great, but you don’t know how to go about it. You just don’t know how to do it”he added.

Although Phil Spencer was part of the team behind Xbox One, he has transformed Xbox a lot since taking over. As we have explained in several articles since then, it was he who knew how to re-motivate his troops after difficult years and with the support of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Phil Spencer has worked hard on the record, pushing Xbox Game Pass forward and reviving the brand with new consoles and major studio acquisitions. Right now, and after a particularly successful 2021, it’s clear that Xbox releases will still be a little while before they find their cruising speed.

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