Protest against Bill 101 reform at Dawson College

Hundreds of people gathered outside Montreal’s Dawson College to demonstrate against Bill 96, which aims to reform the French language charter.

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Liberal leader Dominique Anglade was to lead a delegation of about fifty people dressed in red during the demonstration.

Citizens present at the rally admitted to feeling excluded from the Quebec community because of this reform.

A demonstrator interviewed by TVA Nouvelles believes that French teaching obligations should start much earlier than CEGEP, otherwise students who have not had exposure to French before the end of their secondary school will automatically be penalized.

“I’m here to demonstrate against a law that’s supposed to divide people, I think. I’m from Saskatchewan and I learned French. We are allies for our French-speaking fellow citizens,” said another protester, who does not believe that imposing three French courses at CEGEP at the administrative level is realistic.

“We’re not here to be English versus French,” supports Joseph, a protester who would rather protest against the way the bill is being passed.

“The fact that French and French fact are strong in Quebec is accepted by everyone. It has nothing to do with this bill. Our languages ​​are assets, not burdens,” Joseph continues.

Speeches are to be made to express “collective disapproval of this bill”.

On its Facebook page, the Liberal Party of Quebec invites its members to “join our leader Dominique Anglade and our Liberal team in the demonstration against Bill 96, which will take place in Montreal on Saturday, May 14.”

The demonstration aims to denounce the Legault government’s reform of the French language charter. The English-speaking community and the PLQ particularly condemn the freeze on the number of places imposed in English-speaking Cégeps.

This event also brings together the Quebec Community Groups Network, the English Parents’ Committee Association, the English School Boards Association and the Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations.

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