Gunfight Events | “Repeated Incidents” with the same weapon

Police are finding an increasing number of times the same handgun has been used at more than one crime scene where shots were fired.

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Daniel Renaud

Daniel Renaud
The press

This was confirmed by one of the leaders of the fight against firearms in Quebec, Inspector Michel Patenaude of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ), in an interview with The press recently.


Michel Patenaude, Inspector of the Surete du Québec

Inspector Patenaude, who has no supporting statistics, agrees with a ballistics expert from the Laboratory of Forensic Science and Forensic Medicine, Manuel Tousignant, who reported this finding The press a few weeks ago.

Michel Patenaude wonders if the price of handguns on the black market, which currently oscillates between $4,000 and $8,000, could explain this situation.

“In the past, guns were left behind or destroyed when used in a crime. But now they are resold or reused. At the price they cost them, they are less inclined to get rid of them. We’re targeting people who repeatedly cause incidents in our investigations until we get our hands on them,” the SQ officer said.

Up to $8,000 for a handgun on the black market is a relatively high price, which the inspector believes can be explained by higher demand.

There is currently more demand, we know that. There are also more guns in circulation. We see it through our search and our orientation. For some criminals, it becomes a way of life.

Michel Patenaude, SQ Inspector

“When demand is greater, importers import more and raise prices,” says Mr Patenaude, who clarifies that illegal firearms prices have not risen because of shortages.

No monopoly

According to our information from police and criminal sources, fraud allows sometimes very young people to get handguns at this price.

“Drug trafficking, pimping, fraud… Armed persons lend themselves to these activities. We, what we see especially among armed people, are people associated with drug trafficking, ”says the inspector.

According to the police officer, Glock pistols with a caliber of 9 mm are mainly used at crime scenes.

A “high proportion” of these weapons are imported from the United States. The importation of illegal arms into Quebec is not the work of a single organization or typical importer profile.

“We don’t have a standard profile. It’s not like drug control in Quebec where the Hells Angels have the monopoly and get a discount. Nobody has a monopoly. What we’re seeing so far is really multiple small cells importing. We also find that those who import cocaine have access points; we can therefore assume that they also import firearms,” concludes Mr Patenaude.

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