Caught in the SPVQ: Two sex offenders headed to prison

Two sex offenders arrested by police were eventually imprisoned after the SPVQ’s investigative methods were challenged, followed by a minimum sentence of one year in prison for enticing a minor.

In February 2019, Raphaël Beaumont and Dave Hamel were living “an ordinary life” in Apparition.

The first was a teacher at Les Sentiers secondary school, while the other “behaved like a gift and happy spouse”.

Except that the two men secretly used sex workers.

For its part, the Quebec police, aware that the Capitale-Nationale is the province’s second center for the exploitation of minors, have launched an operation to try to catch the men attempting this type of sexual service to obtain.

For example, three fake ads posted by the police on websites attracted 167 people in two days.

“This gives a very good measure of the demand and the level of risk that a young person is taking in a vulnerable situation,” argued Justice Mario Tremblay.

The text messages exchanged between the accused and female police officers playing the role of a minor specifically stated that the latter was 16 years old.


Despite this, five people, including Raphaël Beaumont and Dave Hamel, showed up at the hotel room to request sexual services.

On site, the accused were again informed that the woman in front of them was 16 years old.

“He was happy when he entered the bedroom,” the judge said in his ruling on 27-year-old Beaumont, who wanted a $70 blowjob. “This act has very real consequences for many young victims,” ​​said the judge, speaking of the full responsibility of the two accused.

Accused of luring and communicating to obtain sexual services, Beaumont and Hamel unsuccessfully challenged the method of the police investigation, then the minimum sentence of one year in the case of luring and six months for communication.


There is “some uncertainty” about imposing minimum sentences due to legal debates taking place in the Court of Appeal and even the Supreme Court, but the judge relied on various decisions to argue that a 12-month sentence is not excessive.

Raphaël Beaumont therefore received a 12-month sentence, while Dave Hamel, 42, whose trial of self-examination is limited, received a 13-month sentence.

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