With My Ad Center, Google wants to give you more control over your smartphone ads

Google just released its annual Google I/O and announced the arrival of a new smartphone advertising control system. This service, titled My Ad Center, makes a point of offering you relevant personalization tools for your ads.

Presentation at Google I/O 2022 // Source: Google

Less advertising, but more qualitative. This is the promise of Google, which announced this Wednesday at its Google I/O 2022 conference a new way to control the advertising present on your smartphone called My Ad Center.

Mountain View believes that the most relevant ads can be useful to consumers, and now we want to give them the tools to create a more useful and customizable advertising environment for them.

My Ad Center now gives you access to advanced controls over advertising on your smartphone, in your searches, on the Discover page or even on YouTube and is available through your Google account or directly through the dedicated application.

New management center for your ads

On the home page we find the announcements recently found on your smartphone. On a second page you can disable the personalization of ads or, on the contrary, activate the function to personalize your own settings to your liking.

There are then three tabs available on this customization interface. On the one hand, the topics of the different ads are presented to you in the form of cards, where you can request more or fewer ads on a given topic, so that their probability of appearing decreases. The same will be possible with brand names on a second tab. The third tab is for identifying topics “sensitive” that you do not want to see in your advertising (alcohol, gambling, etc.).

Finally, on the third page, which deals with privacy, Google wants to give you more choices regarding the personal data used to serve ads. You can now add, change or disable data such as your age, your marital status and other parameters and choose the information that is most relevant to you.

According to Google, you can also choose to see more ads in the same genre, with the same plus and minus options, right from the ads themselves. It is also possible to like an ad, or if not, to report or block it by sharing a link to My Ad Center. You may even get interesting additional information, such as who paid for that ad and what account category was targeted.

A win for users and for Google

Obviously, this method allows to get more relevant ads that you have a better chance of staying or clicking on, which suits Google perfectly. But surely we all think of that moment when we were bombarded with advertisements for a product for several weeks after we bought it and we finally decided that this feature could be very useful in certain cases in the future.

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