“Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt”: a frantic search for hemoglobin

blood hunt is a Battle Royale Third-person action with RPG elements in a tabletop RPG universe Vampire: The Masquerade. Players take on the role of vampires from one of four warring clans and venture into the dark streets of Prague to battle one another.

In our opinion the highest quality of blood hunt is the incredible freedom of movement it offers players. The keyword here is “verticality”. You can climb and run on building facades and jump from roof to roof like a superhero, resulting in fast-paced confrontations that reward speed and precision.

The map is also well constructed to allow for those frantic fights. Here Prague becomes a kind of maze of narrow streets bordered by tall buildings with sloping roofs. Gothic and modern architecture combine in a rainy and somber atmosphere reminiscent of John Wick’s films.

Each match consists of up to 45 players and the goal, of course, is to come out alive, either alone or in a team of three. Players start with a basic weapon and can loot other more effective weapons scattered throughout the city. As the game progresses, a dense red and destructive fog further narrows the scope of the confrontation.

Like others Battle Royale, blood hunt has a respawn system. Its normal mode gives players extra life that can be refilled by feeding on the blood of certain mortals. This way we stay longer in a game and don’t have to wait as long for the next one. It also means less in-game downtime, since an opponent who’s just been killed can appear behind our backs ten seconds later for revenge.

stay in the shadows

Players have a choice of archetypal characters with unique abilities and passive abilities. The game currently has a total of seven, divided between the four clans. At the moment there is a balance between them and they allow a real variety both in the tactics available to us and in the course of the games in general. Players can also level up their archetypes to unlock various passive bounties. Therefore, every game is destined to be different from the start.

In the universe of The Masquerade, vampires hide their existence from mortals. Anyone violating this rule will be punished with a ” blood hunt a blood hunt where all vampires are allowed to hunt without consequences and kill the culprit. This rule is present in blood hunt. Common humans have a presence in the city and players can feed on their blood to heal themselves and gain passive bonuses. However, they must ensure that no other mortal witnesses them, otherwise their position will be revealed to opponents. for a minute.

blood hunt must not dethrone war zone From where Fourteen days in the leaderboard Battle Royale, a genre that’s now saturated, but will surely attract a community of players interested in its aesthetics and advanced mechanics that suggest a high skill cap. In any case, like its competitors, it is free. Another reason to at least try.

Vampires: The Masquerade Blood Hunt

★★★ 1/2

Developed and published by Sharkmob AB. Available for PC and PlayStation 5.

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