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Hertz had leased original 1966 Shelby GT350-H models in the past, which were also made specifically for Hertz rental fleets at the time. Hertz’s Shelby program was renewed in the early 2000s with more gold-striped cars. It is a continuity of this program that we are relaunching.

The most powerful rental model of all time

Shelby American President Gary Patterson said that when the idea of ​​reviving the program came up, he spoke to Hertz about what was possible in terms of power and performance. We said, “We can go here if you want,” he said. And a deal was struck for the full 900+ hp option. One thing is for sure, we won’t be able to put such a beast into anyone’s hands.


The engine is the same supercharged 5.2-liter V8 as the standard GT500, producing 760 horsepower. There’s less weight, however, with Shelby-specific one-piece aluminum wheels and a carbon-fiber hood that sheds 30 pounds alone. Of the 25 GT500-Hs on offer, 19 will be painted black with gold stripes, while the remaining six will be painted in honor of Shelby American’s 60th anniversary in Oxford White, the tuner’s signature Oxford White, also with gold stripes.

More to come

There will also be a GT-H model in coupé and convertible forms. Based on the Mustang GT, the GT-H gets a cat-back Borla exhaust system for its 5-liter V8, 20-inch wheels, a Shelby hood, and an upper grille.

You must travel to the United States to enjoy it

Available as a coupe only, the GT500-H will be offered in Las Vegas, Phoenix, and the cities of Fort Myers, Miami, Orlando and Tampa, Florida. Shelby GT-H coupes and convertibles are offered in Atlanta, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco and Tampa. Hertz didn’t say how many GT-H cars will be built, but noted that they will be completed at Shelby American’s Las Vegas plant as part of a three-year partnership with the company.

Over time

The Rent-a-Racer concept originated with the 1966 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350-H and was revived in 2006. Hertz last introduced a Shelby Mustang in 2016 and has since partnered with Ford rival General Motors on special edition rentals. The company is also adding electric vehicles to its fleet, starting with the Tesla Model 3 and the Polestar 2.

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