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Elections are in the air. François Legault, who has managed to firmly assert Quebec’s identity since 2018, seems poised to double the bet ahead of the fall election.

This week we saw the Parti Québécois join the party by demanding the closure of the famous Roxham Road, used by many asylum seekers. This suggestion had already been made in the 2018 election by the PQ, which decided to surf on anti-immigrant sentiment.

Legault took the ball and repeated his own request to close Roxham. Legault has no intention of raising the PQ from the ashes, and he will once again play the immigration card to the full.

Not illegal

It should be noted that these asylum claims are not illegal in Roxham. They are protected under international law. We can call them irregular at most, because usually, to cross the borders, we go to a border crossing like Lacolle.

This legal reality does not change anything in terms of its explosive political nature. Since the last election, Legault has used immigration as a political weapon, “take less,” his rallying cry from Donald Trump.

Much like Trump’s imaginary wall, Legault’s anti-immigrant oratorical outbursts are nonsense.

In 2022, Quebec must accept 130,000 new arrivals. That will be 70,000 regular immigrants and more than 30,000 temporary foreign workers. The latter are a key element to respond to labor shortages in several sectors, including the hotel and restaurant industry.

There are also another 30,000 asylum seekers, mainly from Roxham Road.

Agreement between Canada and the USA

Due to an agreement between our two countries, the United States is considered a safe third country. So if you apply for asylum at a border post, you will be turned back into the States.

Hence the interest for asylum seekers in crossing places like Roxham Road.

Quebec isn’t the only province grappling with such a situation, but the concentration of cases in the eastern United States means the number of inquiries here is very high. As a solution, the federal government and the Americans are talking about a possible deal to settle everything, but it’s far from done.

It’s now politics, as always, with a nasty undertone of intolerance.

Calling for the closure of Roxham Road is politically good, even if it is not legally feasible and would only shift the problem to the next street.

total chaos

In fact, there are over 2 million immigration cases pending and Immigration Canada is in total chaos. Let’s be clear, it’s not the fault of the officials, it’s a blatant case of incompetence and political negligence.

This is a dossier that has never been a priority, and catching up requires creativity, resources and bold innovation.

The first step must be Immigration Canada guardianship. It’s urgent.

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